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Am I starting on too high dose of levothyroxine

Hi All

I've finally found a doctor willing to listen. I have blood tests this week for Hashimoto and celiac. In the meantime she is starting me on 50g of Levothyroxine.

Is that too high a dose? Lots of people on this site seem to be starting on 25g. I know I shouldn't sound ungrateful as so many people are fighting with their GPs to get medication. However I am afraid of taking medication and was hoping to find a natural cure. I've now accepted that I have to take tablets for life. I'm just scared and don't want to be on a dose that's too high

As always thanks for your advice



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1004sonia A starting dose of 50mcg is fine. The 25mcg starting dose is more for children or elderly people, or given by GPs who don't know very much!


50mcg starting dose shouldn't be a problem. Retest after 6-8 weeks.

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Hope you will be feeling better very soon! I started on 25mg 6 weeks ago (Hashimoto's) and am considering asking the doc to up it to 50mg. May I ask if you're from around London and if so, who's your doc? Please PM me if you don't mind.



I started on 50mcg for one week then 100mcg for 5 weeks. Not everyone starts on 25mcg :)


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