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Finally- T3!! Help please!

I have just picked up my t3!!! Hoorah!

I have been told to take 10mg twice a day with 50 mcg of T4.

I have been taking 125 mcg T4 at bedtime, and although I am very excited to have been prescribed T3 now I am wondering how best to take it.

I was thinking 10mcg in the morning and 10 mcg 12 hours later? ( so 8am / 8pm) to begin with?

Sorry if this has all been covered before ...thanks in advance.

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I take my first T3 dose with Levothyroxine on waking and the second dose at bedtime. Take T3 away from other medication, supplements, food and drink.

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When I was first put on to T3 in 2011 I was told to stop my 150mcg T4 altogether for a couple of days before introducing the T3, after which I started taking 10mcg 3 times a day (the last dose before 6pm) and I then took my reduced dose of 50mcg T4 at bedtime, which I later reduced further to just the 25mcg I take now.


Well, after reading around, I have been taking 10mcg at 6.30 am ( an hour before breakfast) and the next 10mcg at 2.30 pm both with just water. I take my other supps and meds at 6 pm and my Levo at bedtime. I haven't noticed any major changes. How long will things take to stabilise?


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