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Gastroenterology and Neurogastroenterology tests

Does anyone know any Gastroenterology or Neurogastroenterology tests that can find out the root of sickness and pain? Other than: Barium meal, MRI/MRE scan, altresound scan, blood test, biopsy and uper endoscopy. I need to know of any other tests to find out the rout of my sickness and pain. Plz help, in desperate!!!

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Where is your pain? Have you had all the above tests? Have you changed diet and cut out possible offenders i.e.. gluten. dairy, nightshades?

I would guess, that if you are sure it is not your gallbladder or pancreas/spleen... Then swallowing a gastric capsule camera would be the best thing to do as it will travel the length of intestine (small bowel and large bowel) picking up any abnormality such as crohns disease etc.


Barney I am sorry you are so unwell and hospitalized at present. It does seem incomprehensiible that no-one appears to really know what's going on and you have been given multiple diagnosis.

To be only given ibroprofenl for your pain as the Consultant is nervous of your reaction due to your illnesses must be unbearable.

Have you had a complete Thyroid Function Test, members may have suggested this previously, TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and antibodies. I do know that hypo can affect our gut and lots of problems can arise from our gut.

I will keep you in mind Barney and I hope the doctors will eventually give you pain relief.

As Thyroid Gland Problems affect our whole bodies from head to toe and in between, it's worth them checking your hormones. It wont do any harm.

Best wishes

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Barney, have just come across the following and thought it might be important for you. Bearing in mind I have no medical knowledge. If you did decide to take Apple Cider Vinegar in water/juice during meals it has to have the 'mother' in it (unrefined) I think from any health shop.

This is also from a holistic doctor:-


Gastric Emptying Study to check for gastroparesis.


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