Swollen fingers

I can't wear my wedding ring anymore because my fingers are swollen and it does not fit anymore I don't know what to do I feel sad that it does not fit anymore it makes me feel like I don't have a ring to wear because my fingers are to swollen because I pop my fingers and it is a habit I can not break is there something I can use to make me stop popping my fingers

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  • Are you hypo? Sounds to me like you could be under medicated. Nothing to do you popping your fingers.

  • I'm in the same boat. I was diagnosed as hypo several years ago and have been struggling with this! I was originally on Synthroid, then added Cytomel, and am now on NDT NatureThroid, and I still have this problem. It's so frustrating! One temporary solution I have found is to drink hibiscus tea, it can help with swelling. Also, I'm experimenting with drinking a lot more water, and that seems to help as well. I wish there was a solution to this, it's so frustrating.

  • Im taking levothyroxine, as well as methotrexate injections and others, so when mine swell, I drink loads of water, herbal teas, and take fruit plus capsules, we have to try anything we can, and just live and hope there is a better cure.

  • I cannot suggest how you can stop popping your fingers but swollen flesh can be common in hypothyroidism. I had to take my ring off and switch to a bigger one. Now that I am on an optimum of thyroid hormones, I can wear my original ring after about 8 years (I wasn't diagnosed as hypo for a long time) also my shoe size has dropped too. We sometimes don't realise we are slightly bigger all over due to hypo but it should reduce when on optimum meds.

  • I too, have a bigger sized wedding ring, this helps short term but finding a solution would be better med wise.

  • I also have swollen fingers and haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for a long time which I miss. I am going to have to get a bigger ring. I have arthritis in my fingers too especially on my left hand.

  • Have you thought about getting your ring altered? I have had to do this in the past. It would cost approx. £40. If in the future your fingers improve you can always have it altered again or get the thing that you can put inside the ring to stop it slipping around and then if your fingers swell again just take it off the ring. At least then you can wear your original wedding ring.

  • I have same problem , newly diagnosed Hashimoto and hypo, on 50 levo but this is an early stage of titration of my meds, hope to increase in the next couple of weeks and see how that goes , feel for you as my fingers like little sausages in the morning and get better as day progress...

  • Hopefully, you will get increase in around 6 to 8 weeks and so on until you feel well (not when they stop when your TSH is 'anywhere in the range'. We should be aiming for a TSH of around 1 or lower but the most important thing is how we are feeling.

  • Try putting your wedding ring on a chain and wearing it round your neck. At least you will have it with you. This is what I did for years until I could wear it on my finger again. Good luck x

  • I would say 'just don't do it!'.

    Also, you could go to a jeweller and get your ring cut off (before it does you some damage) and ask them to enlarge it to fit. That's what I would do :)

  • no, the hospital have a trick to remove your ring, just by using cotton wrapping it around your finger then once they do that, they then start at the beginning of the tread and wind your ring off naturally. My husband bought me a new bigger sized one, so I could swop between them depending on my swelling.

  • "sausage fingers" a classic sign of Hypothyroid! One of the first symptoms I get if under-medicated. Also fatter feet as both due to fluid retention in the skin. This will reduce once meds are correct, but as others have said visit a good jeweller in mean time. They can "size" a ring very simply either up or down a size :)

  • Thanks, I didn't know that, I don't have "sausage fingers" but I notice that none of my old gardening shoes fit very well anymore. I usually wear flip flops (I can't stand shoes, yes I know that's stupid) but I have noticed that it takes me a considerable amount of time to get my gardening shoes on - and a lot of struggling. I never attributed it to hypo, which I am a very little bit.

  • I know how you feel I've not worn mine for over 18 months now. I used to swell really badly and since medication my fingers have come down a bit but not enough to get my wedding ring back on.

  • I had to take my wedding ring off last night due to swelling. In warm weather I definitely retain fluid too. I'd only just managed to put my ring back on after years of not wearing it due to weight gain. Now on Thyroid S and lost a little over a stone which I thought meant I could keep wearing it but alas no. I haven't drunk enough water to be honest so that could me having an affect.

  • Hi Blue Mundo, please could you tell me if thyroid S is porcine or bovine ?

  • Apologies for the delay in replying, I believe it's porcine.

  • In addition to sorting out my gut, ditching gluten's made a big difference to my appearance and my 'old lady' hands really started to improve. I'm not coeliac and a lot of people are very, very sceptical about non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (as they haven't developed a reliable test to prove it). Interestingly, they tried gluten elimination on 'Trust me I'm a Doctor' and several of the test subjects did feel the benefit including some previous sceptics!

    Here's an article by someone convinced that there's a connection..


  • maybe wear your ring on a chain around your neck until the swelling goes down

  • sorry to hear that but, my husband went out and bought me a bigger size one, as I too couldn't wear mine, now I have best of bother worlds " so to say" I use my original ones as and when I can, but when my fingers turn to thick sausages, I use my newer one.

    Hope this helps


  • Interesting, I learn so much from here. I have acquired 'sausage fingers', I even mentioned to previous Endocrinologist..he laughed grrrr! I am folate, b12 low, previously dangerously low adrenal test result, seriously constipated and chronically fatigued, pain, swollen feet/ankles and lots more (cfs/fibro diagnosed and more) . Seems this amounts to Hypothyroid yet to be recognised by any of many Dr's seen.

    I had to have my rings enlarged however they need further enlargement soin!!😢


  • just buy bigger size ring, my husband bought me one whilst on a anniversary holiday to jersey, having a second wedding ring means a lot especially when you've been married a long time and love your rings.

  • If only the rings were the only problem 😐x

  • I know how you feel. I haven't worn mine for a couple of years and feel naked without it. x

  • Mango_555 me too. I used to wear it when I was out of the house and then take it off ( sometimes needed soapy hands) when I came home again. Then my cat took a fancy to it, swiped it off my desk and that's the last I've seen of it ! If only I could find the time and energy to muck out my study, I do hope I'd find it...I listen v carefully when I'm vacuuming but I think it's rolled somewhere that's covered with books and work materials :(

    Had my engagement ring altered. That will have to do. My hubby tells ppl I've thrown my wedding ring away. That darned cat :)

  • Bless you Rapunzel, What a shame x. Some people have mentioned wearing them on a chain around our necks ( not the cats I hasten to add lol) ,I cannot stand anything touching my throat, so that one is out. I have been meaning to have it altered but the thing that has put me off is I have large knuckles and any rings that I have worn are loose once over my knuckles. I used to use something called a ring gauge that sat inside the ring, don't know if I could tolerate that these days though. I have also got a damaged tendon on my middle finger which doesn't help along with some out of shape bones due to arthritis. I hope you find your wedding ring one day soon, replacement ones just aren't the same are they? I recommend putting a stocking or the foot of some tights over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and try those hard to reach places again, your ring will pick up but you'll see it on the tights. x

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