Ok, not unlike the DM, the NYT is quite obsessed w health and diet and are as likely to tell you that something is good for you as they are to say it's bad for you, but I think the facts speak for themselves here. '“By today’s standards they behaved very badly,” he said.' Hmm, I guess they did. By any standards really.


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  • I wonder how many millions of people have had their quality of life ruined, their lives shortened, had heart attacks, strokes, developed diabetes, lost limbs, all because of this?

  • And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    I'd like to know if anyone is going to be prosecuted. For a start Harvard should have any special tax benefits or other privileges taken away and made to contribute to a health fund.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there a class action suit is attempted by the very people you mean.

  • The thing that depresses me the most about this is how similar it sounds to the tobacco industry's behaviour over lung cancer, etc. It makes me think that they're all at it.

    Surely the Levothyroxine story will be something quite similar, although we will probably never hear it this clearly. NDT was sneaked off the shelves via loopholes and shenanigans, without any real evidence being found.

  • Pure white and deadly was published 42 years ago. I was too busy kissing to notice. Now I'm paying for it :(

  • Was it worth it? :-)

  • God yeah :D

  • Ah well, good on you. :-D

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