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Well I called the doctors to get my last blood results - the receptionist asked me what I wanted them for - I said I was going private because I was having no joy with the doctor she then asked who I was seeing when my appointment was - I told her that all that information was irelavant to her - she then told me she would ask the doctor for my results and to call back tomorrow - when I call back tomorrow I need to be able to say that I am untitled to get these results is this right

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Yes, Readytoscream , you are correct. You have a legal entitlement under the Data Protection Act 1998. Hopefully someone will come along with a link, sorry I don't have one.

By the way, you didn't have to give an explanation for why you want your results. It would have been sufficient for you to say they were for your own records. Well done for telling her the name of the person you are seeing was irrelevant to her. If you need a referral from your GP then fair enough, discuss it with him, but it's nothing to do with anyone else.


If it helps, at my surgery they routinely check w the doctor before releasing a copy of results, so perhaps that's what will be done and the receptionist was just padding her part.

I understand that they don't want to release results that might cause alarm or need additional action and I can see the point of asking the doctor to rubber-stamp the process, but in fact that receptionist, who might at any other time tell you she has 'no medical training' so can't help you w results in any way, is just adding her own twopennyworth. It may not have any real effect on whether you get results or not.

You can also just say you'll be in the next day (or whenever suits) to collect your results and when you get there if they're not ready just say you'll wait. I think sometimes this encourages focus.

I am not a great fan of my surgery (there is one receptionist in particular who is very unpleasant and I often want to put the phone down when I hear her voice) but it has taken some time to understand how much better they are than others. I never get any pushback for test results.


Huh. If a receptionist asked me that I'd say that I wanted them because the law says I can and they are mine. None of a silly admin person's business.


Even the official NHS website says:

If you want to see your health records, you don't have to give a reason.

We should not feel we have to make up excuses or outright lies. They should simply not ask.


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