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Anyone had the 23andme test recently & can confirm if it includes the DIO2 DATA please?


I'm trying to confirm if the current 23andme test's results - i.e. the raw data, still contains the DIO2 info'.

Some posts on the site say Yes & some say No...

Has anyone had the 23andme test recently and can say if the raw data contains the relevant DIO2 info' please?

I'm aware of the DIO2-specific test through ThyroidUK but thought I'd like to find out about other genes at the same time, especially those related to Methylation....but it would be silly to have just the 23andme only to find that it didn't contain the DIO2 data.

Can anyone confirm please?


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contact them directly on their site. they emailed me in twenty minutes when I asked them a question.


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