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Could I suggest that newcomers fill in the profile section as it does help people to know who they are speaking to. I never gave this a thought until some weeks back when a - shall we say - troll started causing some problems and then the light went on for me. I fear sites like this will be targeted as more and more of us turn to them for help, some experience with this but in other areas of research. We must keep within the guidelines so that help will continue for others who come along. Would it help if the administrators were to highlight this from the onset. I wasn't even aware of it but then I don't do face book or any of those areas so perhaps I am the exception in my ignorance of procedure. Just a thought.

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Yes, please. Especially gender. It would be very nice to know if you're talking to a goose or a gander!

Location is helpful, too. No point in talking to someone from New Zealand about their legal rights in the UK.


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