Just back in Northumberland

Just back in Northumberland

Hi everyone. I have just arrived back in the UK after living in New Zealand for 20 years. I have had problems with my thyroid for about 2 years now and I am still suffering from fatigue, joint pain and many other classic symptoms. I am also suffering quite badly with vitiligo - which I gather can be linked to thyroid problems also.

I am about to register with a doctor here in Northumberland, and was wondering if there were any surgeries local to me with outstandingly sympathetic practitioners.

It's great to even have an online support group to be honest - but I really want to be registering with a doctor who is switched on to thyroid issues in particular. Any ideas?

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  • theres no way on earth would i come back to the UK if i had lived in NZ for 20years

    only wish i could move to NZ the UK is a mess esp doctors and thyroid treatment

  • Ah thanks - I'm here to look after elderly parents ... I will return to NZ eventually. It costs me about $60 (NZ) - £30 approx every time I visit my doctor there. It's not all utopia ....

  • yes i understand that side of it as i have a cousin in both islands

    still would prefer yo be in NZ if i could

  • Hi CarolTyne, welcome to the group. If you email Louise at ThyroidUK.org.uk she has a list ot thyroid patient friendly doctors and endocrinologists so hopefully you might find what you are looking for from her list.

  • Great - thank you! :-)

  • Hope you find someone good Carol... and if you do would you please post on here? My GP and those of my Thyroid buddies are all hopeless!

  • Louise's email address is currently : louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org

    Since she got married recently it may change.


  • I think you would be best posting your latest results with ranges for members to comment - before splashing out on the Private Sector. Lots of helpful people here with a wealth of knowledge.

    There is also Blue Horizon where you can have tests done in the home and then posted off with results in 48 hours. At least that way you can have the tests done that you want/need.

    Bundle 11 is the most popular as it also includes the very important B12 - Ferritin - Folate and VitD I believe.

    If you find a good GP who really understands the thyroid - then let everyone know. They are usually like hens teeth :-)

    I believe vitiligo is auto immune so have those pesky thyroid anti-bodies tested to rule out Hashimotos. I can see the two necklace wrinkles on your neck - which I was once told by a Greek Doc is his way of knowing someone has a thyroid problem ! Look around you and you will see more - especially on the TV !

    I am suspecting your FT3 to be low - that's if it has been tested !

    Good luck on your journey to wellness and keep posting and asking questions.

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