Painful bloat/oedema from flying help!

Painful bloat/oedema from flying help!

Hello everyone,

So I am hoping someone on here might have a suggestion for how to deal with intense bloating caused by flying.... well kind of... I am already used to being swollen/bloated...myexodema the lot! But I have recently flown to Portugal and back for a family weekend and I am in intense pain. I can hardly walk. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to help ease this, or do I just need to wait it out?

R x

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  • That looks so painful. Have you tried taking a cool bath or shower maybe? I am betting the heat hasn't helped. Apart from that just try and rest if you can.

  • Hey katiekatie , yes the heat didn't help either! I'm not complaining as it was a lovely weekend but, I couldn't drive the car this morning so now its starting to inhibit work etc. I'll try a cool bath... do you think epsom salts might help? xx

  • Maybe they could. Worth a try. I get swollen but luckily never around my feet or ankles. If it continues though as suggested by bantam12 do see a doctor. It can be a sign of heart problems. Don't mean to scare you but better to be safe than sorry. My mum gets it a lot, she is hypo but has high blood pressure and some mild heart problems/circulation problems.

  • If it's more than you would usually experience then get it checked out just in case something is going on.

  • hey bantam12 , I am not sure if its more per say... feels worse, but my boyfriend reminded me it was pretty bad last time as well.... what could be causing it? R x

  • Rhsana,

    I used to get swollen wrists and ankles after a long haul flight. Swelling usually subsided after keeping my feet up for 12-24 hours.

  • Go to Boots and buy a pair of flight socks/tights. Put them on whenever you are in private (they are ugly), and particularly when you go to bed or can put your feet up. If they start to hurt take them off. I find them helpful for a while, but eventually they start to be counter-productive. But to begin with the relief can be very soothing.

    I hope they work - they ain't cheap.

    Be careful to buy the correct size for you.

  • humanbean thank you! now if only there was a whole body flight sock :P R x

  • Rhsana I know they look horrible, but best to wear flight socks while up n the air. I had the swelling the first time we flew long-haul. It went down after three days that time, but happened again when coming home. this time I went to the GP who gave me water pills and said to wear flight socks. Hope it improves.

  • Thanks j_bee , yes I took water pills last time but it just seemed to make it worse, its not just in the legs and feet, its all over.. my hands/arms/ face as well. R x

  • Rhsana so sorry to hear this and don't really know how to help you. I do think you should see your GP though, or maybe get advice from pharmacist. Hope it soon goes.

  • Yes, I do this too. I used to split my t3 dose and if I forgot the second dose I'd swell up and flight socks worked a treat. You can also get a lighter-weight version, like support socks. Those were more comfy and had a loose toe area so your toes don't get squished, but I think I got them abroad.

  • hey, yes I did actually forget my dose today! Do you no longer split then?

  • Oh blimey, that's it! That used to make my legs swell something rotten.

    I take it w my levo all at once now (a few hrs before I get up in the morning) and it works just as well. If you forget often you might want to give it a try. I'm only on 10 mind. If you're on 40 or something you may need to split I guess.

    Even now I know if I'm not right thyroid-wise because of the bloating (swollen feet and ankles mainly).

  • oh wow, there does seem to be a correlation! I'm on two split doses of 3 grains of nature thyroid and 75 mcg T3, think that would be too much to take all at once. Doc thinks its not getting to the cells because of candida so am on Day 1 of strict candida diet!

  • Yes, 75 seems a lot to take at once. :-)

  • Hi, this comes from heat and dilated veins. Lie down with your feet up, swelling will go down very quickly...hope this helps.

  • Thank you! feet up and watching Stranger Things on Netflix! R x

  • Will your fella (or someone) give you a leg massage? He can interlace the fingers of both hands and start at the toes and run the interlaced hands firmly up the leg imagining it is like a big tube of toothpaste and he's trying to squeeze the toothpaste up toward your heart. Works a treat. x

  • mmmmmmm that sounds so good, I'll have to ask him! Thanks for the tip! R x

  • You're welcome. :-)

    Just fyi, he needs to use some cream or oil or something so he his hands will move smoothly.

  • Even better, there is a tub full of coconut oil with his name on it! :p

  • Hi Rhsana - Oh poor you - that does look painful. Whenever I fly ( in a plane - not self propelled!! ) I have always worn a certain make of medium strong support tights. I was doing this before they even came up with flight socks !...and they do work. I have also always "walked about" on planes .

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