Hi,online friends,Ive been on here for about a year now and thanks to this webpage and lots of reading I seem to be feeling great!

Just one thing that happened last night,I was busy telling my husband how much better I feel and that even 'Hilary Clinton was on Natural Dessicated Coconut!!!!' oh dear hahahah he said I should up my dose.Hope this makes someone on here laugh as we did.Have a good day and my eternal thanks for all who help on here xx

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  • lol Yeah, we all do and say crazy things at times. The other night, I was watching a film on TV, and I missed something that was said. And, without thinking, I turned to the dog and asked 'what did she say?' Then realised my mistake. :( I think I should get out more.

  • That is funny greygoose..perhaps you need to get yourself a little parrot x

  • lol I'd love a parrot, actually. I adore parrots and cockatoos. But they live a long time, and I don't think I'm going to live much longer.

  • Bless you goose, don't get flying off for a long time yet please x

  • We've just had the pleasure of looking after our neighbours parrot for a few days while they went to visit.

    I adored it, she was an African Grey and very talkative. I only called one of our cats twice the first day and after that she was calling her too, "Ellie, Ellie, Ellie...." poor little Ellie wouldn't come near, she was so scared of the parrot. Mind you she did the first time because she though it was me, after that she hid either under the bed or out in the garden under the bushes.

    I tried to get it to call Oliver, our other cats name but she wouldn't. Oliver didn't even care that there was a bird here, he took it in his stride, but then he is an old man of 18, Ellie is only 7.

    It was so quiet after the parrot went home yesterday. :)

  • That sounds like a lot of fun. I bet you miss her now she's gone home. You may get to look after her again sometime in the future. x

  • It was, we also looked after their two boy tortoises, we have two girls twice their sizes ourselves.

    What I didn't bank on was how sex crazed and starved their 'Steve McQueen' was.

    It was non-stop masochistic rape from day one until we put the Berlin Wall up in the middle of the garden and separated the pairs.

  • May be you'll hear the patter of tiny claws soon x

  • I hope not Mango. One of them used to lay eggs every year until about 4 years ago. She made such a mess digging holes to make nests all over the garden. She turned her snooty nose up at the sand pit I made her.

    Tortoises can be fertilised years before they lay eggs, I was given her as a gift from my husband on our 3rd Wedding anniversary in 1976. (He thought my original tortoise needed a friend). But she didn't laying eggs until we moved to our third house down in Sussex in 1989! Probably because it is warmer here than it was in Somerset.

    The first one my father got me when I was about 13. We had five at one time, but the other four had died over the years.

    They must both be in their 80's by now.

  • Wow that is amazing. You have done well holding on to them all this time. When my eldest son was around 5 years old, he came running in from the garden looking quite alarmed. 'Mom, Mom come quick there is a saucepan and it's walking around the garden!'.. It was a tortoise that had wandered in, I can still see his little face full of worry. x

  • A saucepan! That's hilarious :D where ever had it come from?

    The afore mentioned Steve McQueen was so named because according to my neighbour he is an escape artist. However in our garden, escaping was the last thing on its mind after it spotted our girls. Not that it could have got out if it had tried because our garden is entirely enclosed, we don't even have a back gate, we would have to go out through the garage if necessary.

  • It's quite another story, but the year the eggs exploded was funny.

  • Not sure where he came from but we looked after him for a while and one day he just ...escaped. I think we have should have named him Houdini. x

  • PS it was my son's face full of worry and not the tortoise lol. I just re read that and thought 'Hang on that looks like it was a frightened tortoise!' x

  • Haha, until you said that and I went back to read it I didn't think of the tortoise being worried. Mind you, if it had looked in a mirror and seen a saucepan looking back it could have been a tad worried.

    Talking of escape, our first house was next to woods in Worcestershire, and one day the new one did escape, it climbed up a 3' wire fence and got over into the woods. I was getting really worried thinking we'd seen the last of it when my neighbour who had also been out looking came back with it. He had found it right at the other side of the woods in the undergrowth. You can't imagine how relieved I was. :)

  • That has certainly made me laugh very loud. It reminded me of my dear old Mom, she asked me to get some second hand stamps from the Post Office. I miss her so much she used to say some funny innocent things x

  • God I do this all the time. Nbd when I do it at home but I was out having lunch w a friend and instead of saying umbrella I said envelope. I can see how it happens if I'm looking at an envelope at the time and it imposes itself but I was looking at my lunch and had no explanation for it. Blinking age eh? (Well it is in my case.)

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