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Will hypothyroidism cause premature aging and sagging skin?

Will hypothyroidism cause premature aging and sagging skin?

I'm 20 years old and I've noticed changes in my facial structure, I've gained huge undereye circles as well as sagging around my mouth. I havn't got any treatment for my hypothyroidism yet, but can this be the cause of the wrinkles? And also can this be reversed? Thank you and sorry if my english isn't good!

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Peacebow Your English is perfect :)

I don't actually see any wrinkles but I do see your under eye shadowing.

Have you had any thyroid tests done? If so can you post your results, with reference ranges (usually in brackets after the result).

What symptoms are you experiencing?


Hi peacebow! Yes I agree that your English is perfect :)

Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? As seasidesusie said it would be good to see your blood test results.

Hypothyroidism can also cause skin issues, normally erring towards the dry side. It is likely that once you are being treated and hopefully feeling better that your skin will start to play nicely again too.

I am a self-confessed skincare addict but have recently taken a leap out of my luxury product comfort zone and pared everything right back - you wouldn't believe the difference (much less expensive too).

Have a look at Dr Sam Bunting on YouTube for skin stuff. Use gentle and simple products like La Roche Posay and Avene; moisturise well. Jojoba oil is excellent for under eyes.


Hi Peacebow , welcome to the forum. I agree that you have very good English and I actually think you have nice skin looking at your picture. I had dark circles under my eyes when I was under medicated, they are okay now. It's quite stressful if you are feeling unwell and tired all the time too so that can't help. I have become more droopy around the mouth area but I'm quite a few years older than you. If depression is one of your symptoms this can also cause changes in the skin. Hopefully you will post blood results and make a start on your way to feeling better with all the excellent advice on here. Meanwhile be sure to drink plenty of water as it plumps up the skin, Good luck x


Thank you all for the answers!!! I've been diagnosed with it in 2012 but they never started the treatment and they said that if I have any problems then I have to go again, and nowadays I started to notice these problems, so I went and made a blood test and I'll get the results on wednesday next week, so I'll post that here if you'll be still interested then!

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it will get better mine did once on Levo plus I used emu oil eye cream brilliant stuff helped whilst I was waiting hypo does a lot to us women bless us and your English is really good too xx


Hi Peacebow ... I had hypothyroid too, I'm older than you (35 years) but I didn't notice the symptoms you mentioned. Hypothyroid causes different symptoms for everyone as thyroid has impact on almost all organs in our bodies. In my case, the only thing changed in my face appearance is my eyes getting smaller.

Circles around your eyes might be cause of lack of sleep, Are you sleeping normally?


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