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Changing to taking levothyroxine at night

Advice please.. I'm thinking of taking levothyroxine at night instead of the day. Have many of you made the switch and if so did it make any difference?

Also what is the best time at night to take it ??.. I have my tea about 5.30/6pm .. also I suffer with sliding hiatus hernia and acid reflux so will his affect anything if takingLevothyroxine in evening ??

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Are you taking anything for the hiatus hernia such as PPIs or antacids? If so, it is very important to make sure you don't take the levothyroxine within a few hours of taking those medications as they will inhibit the absorption of the levothyroxine.

Someone else might have more information on hiatus hernias specifically.

I hope the change in timing works for you

Pink :)


Hi, no I'm not. I do have ppi's prescribed to me but I've not taken them hardly. But if I did,i can take those in morning and then take levothyroxine at night maybe. Ive been reading about evening instead. As when I take in morning I've always taken after having my coffee. Maybe an hour so so afterwards instead. Just wondering if I'd be better taking it evening instead


It is also important to not take levothyroxine near the time you have had caffeine as this can affect absorption. You might find you are better taking it at night. Some people notice a marked improvement and there was some research a while ago which showed that there was some improvement in absorption and conversion of T4 to the active T3.


jojojowilts43 I changed from taking mine on waking to taking it in the middle of the night when I get up for the loo, can be anything from 3am - 5am. It didn't make any difference at all to me but some people feel better for taking it at night. Experiment and see where it suits you best, just keep it away from food, one hour before or two hours after eating, and a couple of hours away from supplements (iron 4 hours).


Hi, ah so no difference for u.. I was thinking of taking it about 10pm


Try that and see how it goes, I tend to have a couple of biscuits in the evening (or something) because I have to take a capsule and the only way I can get capsules to go down is to eat something at the same time. And water only, no taking it with a milky bedtime drink or an evening hot chocolate :)

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I think I will thanks.. only problem is I like nibbling at night time . So is that a no no if I switch to evening levothyroxine ?.


Well, it needs to be taken on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after food. That's why I take mine in the early hours of the morning, night time loo visits do have their advantages after all :D


I changed to nighttime, partly due to my Endo's suggestion, partly due to research showing it can give improved uptake. Also I hated waiting for my morning cuppa, and often gave in too soon.

Moved the time taken backwards by couple hours each night, over two/three nights.

Usually take at bedtime (good reason NOT to nibble in evening). Very occasionally if we eat late, then (like SeasideSusie) I just take in middle of night when get up for the loo.

I have my Levo in weekly pill dispenser so doesn't matter if feeling bit confused in middle of night, being half asleep !

I do find it much more effective and also then can take vitamins etc at breakfast without that interfering with Levo


If getting blood tested, then don't take it that bedtime, but delay till after blood done early in morning.


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