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I'm new here - Endocrine Drs in Edinburgh

I was wondering if somebody here with a bit of knowledge would be kind enough to drop me a message about something?

My frankly excellent GP was getting me a referral to Professor Walker at the RIE. When the appointment came through, it was with Professor Strachan at the Western. Should I be worried about this? Should I go back to my GP and get her to try and change it?

Any advice anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated I'm a little anxious!

R :)

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Hi! I had it the other way round recently, my GP asked for DR. STrachan, as I had asked to be referred to him (due to my ex-GP friend recommending him as he seems to sympathetic and a listener!) Got an appointment with an Endo at the RIE, and she explained that the Drs at the WGH were very busy at the time and they, at the RIE, were helping them out. Could be that they are rebalancing this. I fely lucky as the endo listened to my lengthy story and put me on T3. She pointed out though that not every endo does that, so I decided to stick with her although I live at the other end of town. I don't think there is a need to worry, but I also think you have very little choice in this system anyway, something I find very frustrating as I come from Germany (their health system seems like heaven to me now)

Good luck, the waiting will be about 12 weeks anyway.

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Ah good to know. I already have an appointment on 8th September - relieved I didn't have to wait too long! Also relieved you heard through the grapevine that he's sympathetic! Thanks for the reply :)


Hello Rachypops,,,,,it could well be worth asking why the change of specialist and hospital,,, or did your gp change the request?,,,ttfn from Karen.


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