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Still suffering when taking Thyroxine and doctors dont listen

I have hypothyroidism and was diagnosed whilst living in Greece. I used to see a fantastic doctor and had six monthly check ups and neck scans. I returned to UK in 2013. I have six monthly blood tests and they always say normal. I feel so weary with aching muscles and generally unwell. It helps to read other posts and will definitely ask for a print out of my results to compare. Always had them in Greece!

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Make sure the ranges are stated as well as the results. Labs differ throughout the UK so ranges are important. Symptoms are usually signs that you might need an increase. Have you had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested as well as deficiencies can cause symptoms too.


Thank you will follow up but we all know what doctors are like!


Sometimes labs don't do all of the tests requested if your TSH is in range, but ask for Free T4 and Free T3 to be done also. Tell him you have new symptoms so feel you might need an increase in meds.

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Thank you I will. Let you know I get on.


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