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Very confused!

Hello to all

I am hoping someone on here will be able to give me some advice as I am being driven crazy by tingling sensations. These started over 6 months ago where I would get tingling on right side of mouth then down right arm to the hand and down the right leg to the foot . The tingling was intense but after ten mins resolved and went away ...well that was until 14th June when tingling was much worse and I lost use of my right arm as if I had laid on it etc. Long story short I ended up being rushed into Hosp via ambulance as symptoms could have been a stroke! Anyway after a cat scan and an MRI it was decided that I was just lacking potassium, and was given some sando k (yuk) however after a blood test my gp found an issue with my thyroid (I had been taking 25 mg per day purely as a boost as was only borderline under active) so my gp raised this to 50mg per day have another blood test last week, which I have asked about and doc wants to see me again as thyroid meds still not right.

So following Hosp stay I was referred to a neurologist today ..omg he was very difficult to understand and ruled out stroke and MS thankfully but just suggested I take anti epilepsy drugs to suppress the tingling! However when I asked if the tingling could be thyroid he said no because that would cause tingling on both sides and not just on the right? Another issue I have is that my hair is thinning and even lost some eyebrow hairs too? So does this sound like a thyroid problem to anyone on here? I am due to see my gp on Tuesday regarding most recent blood test and not going to start anti epilepsy drugs till I am sure they the right way forward. In addition to this I also have complex regional pain syndrome so the neurologist seemed to want to push these new symptoms under that banner and get me to take even more meds!

Sorry so long winded but am very frustrated and a little tearful if I am honest..the tingling doesn't hurt as such its just driving me barmy and want to find the off switch!

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Meebeesoo Noooo, don't take the epilepsy drugs. They tried that one on my daughter in law many years ago. I told her it was hypothyroidism. The thyroid test results weren't good enough for her GP and she was told it was epilepsy. Well, whaddya know, a certain private specialist diagnosed hypo and put her on Levothyroxine, eventually the GP accepted the diagnosis. Luckily she didn't agree to the epilepsy drugs, some of those side effects can be nasty so why take them if you don't have epilepsy?

Tingling - have they thought of testing your B12 level? Probably not. I bet you are deficient.

Hair thinning - have they tested ferritin? Low ferritin (iron stores) can cause this, as does hypothyroidism in a lot of people.

It's very likely that hypothyroidism is the cause of all your problems. 25mcg Levo is a baby dose and wont do anything, in fact it can make things worse. 50mcg is still a starter dose.

When you see your GP, ask for a print out of all your tests, you are entitled to them under the Data Protection Act. Make a new thread and post the results, with the very important reference ranges, and members will make suggestions.

Also, ask your GP for the following tests:

Vit D




All of these have to be at optimal levels (not just in range) for thyroid hormone to work. Once you have these results as well, post with ranges and again members can suggest where you have deficiencies and what supplements to take.


Wow thank u so much for the reply ...more helpful and reassuring than the crazy neurologist I met today ! Will see GP on Tuesday and get more info hopefully ...yeah I not gonna take anti epilepsy drugs just to suppress tingling as in my mind thats just sweeping problem to one side. Due to my crps I have taken pregabalin in the past but it just packed the weight on and may have been a cause in developing sleep apnoea...but I am happy to say I have been dieting since Xmas and so far lost almost 2 and half stone and apnoea has gone hooray! I would say that initiallty diet went well but over past few weeks I been doing and eating all the right things but weight refuses to come off as easily so am thinking the thyroid issue is making it difficult. I refuse to give up tho as after losing the weight I am the lightest I have been in 24 years! And boy it feels so good even tho I still have plenty to go at lol

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