T3 refusal - "A homosexuals 'right' to enjoy unprotected sex is now officially worth more than the health of some thyroid patients" Criminal

"Dear Doctor,

I have made an appointment to see you and I will be asking for an explanation of

why a homosexuals sex life is worth more than my life.

How can you afford £400 a month when a condom will do the job and yet you say you cannot afford £150 a month for T3 for my health and wellbeing?

Yours sincerely

A patient with a recognised debilitating illness that they did not invite or where in any way able to avoid."

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You are Absolutely right.

The same happened when that woman was allowed a boob job on the NHS as she said it would help her get a job as glamour model. So morally wrong.

Just to be fair this is the fault of the judge not the NHS or doctors. It's annoying because a condom solves the problem whereas this treatment is only 90% effective and is likely to encourage behaviour which will increase the overall infection rate. Unlike smoking or some forms of obesity where it is very difficult to change behaviour, using a condom or having one partner is not difficult.

Doctors are taught that we do not need T3 and we can all convert T4 on a whim.

I could not agree more. I am about to start on T3 after a year of feeling absolutely awful on T4.

My endo told me to speak to my GP to see if I could persuade her to prescribe T3 but not a chance.

Of course the news is full of the £400 per patient the NHS is now going to have to fund for these other pills. As you say, mostly for self-inflicted illness resulting from irresponsible behaviour.

So I am now going to have to self fund £150 a month which seems extremely unfair. I feel we need to do some lobbying in the UK to have our voice heard. Anyone agree?

T3 can be bought on line without a prescription for much, much less than £150 per month. Don't get confused between what the NHS pays for T3 and what the rest of the world pays for T3. They are miles apart.

...absolutely concur and it's not just cheapskate medication they fob us all off with it's criminally negligent lack of biological monitoring - the standard TSH blood test is an indirect and sometimes wrong snapshot of the vital thyroid metabolite profiles that should be done. Full profiles of 12 or 13 metabolites should be done diagnostically and thereafter regular testing of a basic profile including total T4, free T4 free T3 and TSH, with other tests as clinically necessary. I don't know whether this is just NHS bean counting or GPs who get special funds for 'managing 'thyroid patients but whom as individuals are almost incompetent to diagnose and support a treatment regime for what is a horribly complex endocrine system disorder. They put all their faith and desire for simplicity in TSH and Levothyroxine and we all suffer......

To see the cost of these tests just look at the various private blood test providers and their pricing of each level of tests from simple TSH to all the rest and various profiles in between. The TSH only is less than £30 and the full 12-14 less than £150 with the basic 6 indicators at less than £60 - this what I have resorted to paying every month to manage my own condition. The NHS should pay (and get much better deals without a profit element) but they won't........

We should all get together and sue the NHS! Class Action!

I'm in

100 % with you on that Class Action idea !!

You have the wrong end of the stick.The Court was deciding if it was the Local Authoroty or the NHS who was responsible to pay for the treatment.

The NHS is to appeal but either way there is a vocal pressure group behind the proposal.No good asking the GP .Complain to your MP.

I could be wrong but I don't think that Prep is only for homosexuals so your doctor might be a little confused by your question. It might be more productive to campaign for T3 in the same way. I understand your frustration, believe me I am with you there, but why hold one up against the other. Surely it would be better if both were available. The funding of the NHS is a bigger issue but one shouldn't be sacrificed for the other. Its not as simple as a condom over Prep as with any complicated issue there are lots of factors to consider.

Well said. It shouldn't be a case of 'either, or'. x

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