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Thanks alot for the help everyone re test s

Hi just wanted to tell you all thay I took my test results to my GP today and I asked what to do and got seen in the same time .Explained to Dr Vincent that Id had these done dur to symptoms which he ssked me about so explained .Told him i saw a private go 8 yrs ago because i was hypo then what is been on why I stopped .Hed looked at all the other tests and didnt like some of them eg kidney and chloesterol as high but thars in my family so ended up with 2mths of a bloody 40mg statin 😕not taking that but thanks yo you i got s referral as its T3 and if they can prescribe what im given by the endo then he will.I told him I was terrified as ive never been listened to and he did 😨thaks to you lot ok im still waiting to go but i am going yes👍💖

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That is MAGIC ... hooray.

Lets hope for success.

Many members have high cholesterol and strange kidney//liver results which rectify when optimally medicated with thyroid hormones .. mine did.

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Thanks radd ever since ive been on here I ve had alot more hope brilliant inspired advice .I should have done this years ago but I just wanted to tell you all that I got my foot in the door 😊and you all made that happen as i got the tests done and thought ive got to get well i need out of this as mych as I can 😊


I was given statins for high cholesterol when I self diagnosed with hypo and the gp disagreed because my tsh then was too low for their guidelines... the statins just gave me such deep depression that at one point, driving, I found myself with an overwhelming impulse to accelerate into the truck in front.

you are right to avoid them, and when you are optimally treated I hope your cholesterol will drop. It should.

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Thanks for the advice im not going to take the impo i dont agree with them st all there is alot of evidence that they cause more harm than good .I tends to make matters worse i alot of people thank you this is a great forum ☺


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