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Hyperthyroid to under active thyroid in 2 months


I was diagnosed with an over active thyroid and put on medication, have been on meds for less than 6 weeks and my last blood test has shown I'm now under active so have reduced my meds! I don't know whether I'm coming or going my dr is dealing with it with me and is being supportive but blimey I just want to feel well! Has anyone else experienced this yo yo ? And what can I do to help?!?

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If you have hyperthyroidism you should be under an Endocrinologist, ask for a referral if your doc hasn't done it.

It is very common to have to keep changing doses when hyper, it can be quite difficult to treat in some people, that happened to me.


Do you know why you were hyper? Did your doctor test any antibodies?

There are two possibilities : a) you have Graves, b) you were in a hyper phase of Hashi's.

What medication did he put you on? He shouldn't have put you on any medication without first testing antibodies : a) TrAB and TSI for Graves, b) TPOab and TgAB for Hashi's.

If you have Hashi's, there's no point in putting you on medication to reduce production of hormone, because it is not your gland that is producing too much hormone. So, if he hasn't tested antibodies, he should do so right away.


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