Levothyroxine over prescribed

This just show how on the ball you have to be. Last month my prescription was wildly wrong, instead of 75mcg per day for two months I received 150mcg per day for two months!! I simply cut them in half, the excess I gave my daughter as up to now, although being really well on levo she's not been prescribed it, that could now change as she's presented herself as living proof to her GP! Today I received another prescription, guess what, I'm looking at 300mcg levothyroxine!!! This beggars belief! Especially as the prescription slip says 100mcg one each morning etc but even that is out of date!!! Isn't all the info supposed to be on computer and fool proof?? They spend enough time looking at the darned screen instead of listening and looking at the patient!!!! Unbelievable!!!

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Yes, totally unbelievable and so exceedingly dangerous.

Oh well ... on the positive side, at least it was over & not under.

This is a dangerous mistake, is it the prescription that is wrong or the dispensing of it, either way you must sort it out, if this is happening to others with their medications it could be serious. Someone needs a slap on the wrist !

It's both, because the prescription info inside says 100mcg, one to be taken each morning, but I have 2 packets of 50mcg and 2 packets of 100mcg


What does the direction on the label on the box tell you to take? Does it tell you to take 75mcg daily, or 100mcg and 50mcg alternate days?

According to the boxes I should take 150 per day which is double the dose I'm on


Ask the pharmacist to confirm that is the direction on the prescription form. If it is you should speak to your GP about it.

The prescription form in the package states take 100mcg daily, seems to be a doc/pharmacy combined mess


I think you should clarify with your GP whether your dose is 75mcg or 100mcg.

@clutter would taking 100mcg one day and 50mcg the next give me troughs and spikes, if you see what I mean?


No, it takes around 7 days to absorb a dose so you won't experience peaks and troughs.

Oh right so they haven't prescribed 300mcg daily which is how I read it, they have just given you an extra 100mcg, not quite so drastic but still needs an explanation from however is doing the px's and/or dispensing.

Not quite, because I'm taking 75mcg daily

Store it for when you need it.

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