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Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice. About 4 months ago I had bloods taken due to the usual under active thyroid symptoms, I'm 52 and hormones all over the place! the results revealed underachieve thyroid and raised cholesterol (not a lot under active) so was sent for more tests and they came back normal. Problem is i don't feel normal but rather feel helpless and confused - can the thyroid fluctuate and if so do i have to live feeling like this without treatment. i am concerned about the cholesterol and being handed a diet sheet as the only form of intervention. I was shown the graph of 'normal' range and i either teeter right at the bottom or under the line for abnormal. my gp is having none of it and hinted at stress as a cause. the symptoms have a big impact on my ability to work and I'm constantly exhausted. I'm sorry i am unable to quote figures/numbers as i can't hold stuff like that in my head. Also had raised inflamation linked to joint pain?

I would be grateful for any advice. thank you

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Welcome to the forum, Riddles_22.

It helps members to advise if you can post the results and ranges of blood tests you've had done recently.

Ask your GP receptionist for printouts of your results with the ranges (figures in brackets after the results) and post them in a new question for advice.


Thank you, i will call into the surgery and request


Thyroid hormone levels fluctuate so if you had bloods done first thing you will have a higher THS reading than bloods done later in the day. Advice always given is..... Have bloods drawn first thing on and empty stomach no tea or coffee just water. This gives the highest THS reading and as GP's only care about numbers and not symptoms, the most useful way of getting a diagnosis. Also go to receptionist and ask for a print out of your bloods (you are entitled by law) post them with ranges and the wiser all knowing will help you.

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Thank you - the second test didn't require fasting apparently - maybe thats why it was different


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