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Constantly catching bugs

I've been diagnosed with an under active thyroid about a year ago. I started on 25m of levithyroxin which has been upped to 100m. My last blood work came back at 3.6 t3

I work for the NHS and have been given a 2nd formal for sickness and a warning I could loose my job. I'm wondering if it's the thyroid that's making me pick up bugs faster than most? I've just caught tonsillitis and having to go in to work again afraid I'll be fired. I'm visiting occi health next week and am trying to get as much info on the immune side of this so I can appeal my 2nd formal.

Sorry if this post is all a mess, I'm rather poorly and can't think straight.

Thank you

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Don't know the answer I'm afraid but my husband is the same, is always getting one bug after the other. Will follow your post hoping you get answers. Just one thing you say your t3 is 3.6 ? What range cos that sounds low... too low.

What are your latest test results, with ranges. Have you got b12 vitamin d ferritan (sp) follate etc results?



Thank you

I meant my tsh levels, my brain wasn't functioning last night at all. Xx


See if you can get your B12 levels tested, it is often low in people with thyroid problems. I was forever ill until they discovered my B12 was low, and that was treated. The not thinking straight can be a symptom of low B12. Autoimmune conditions come in groups very often.

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