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thyroid ultra sound scan.. how accurate are these

Hi,, been for another ultrasound scan to which thy were supposed to do a FNA. first scan showed suspicious malignancy and this was actually done by a doctor, ok went for this other scan on tuesday done by a sonographer. ok she said she couldnt see what was worrisome.? whatttttttttt .. 4 weeks worrying of cancer to be told yes there is nodules in right and left on is 1 cm didnt get the fna either hmm confused is not the word ... thyroid has shrunk thyroiditis she seen but hell i dont have a clue to what the heck is going on now.. so im going to see my gp for some answers about all this worry it has caused any one else had this i thought ultra scan were accurate first time round .. oh and they didnt have my other scan results to compare to there scan. how weird is this.. how can a sonographer have more insight than a doctor.. mind is all over the place.

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The scans are accurate. It would appear that what is seen on the scan is being interpreted differently by the doctor in the first scan, and the sonographer in the second.

When I had my ultrasound scan (pre FNA) the sonographer was not allowed to discuss it with me as the scan had to be interpreted and reported to my GP by someone senior to the sonographer.


Clutter , i was gob smacked with her attitude she was actually telling me i was wrong .. erm no so she was actually saying the first scan was not right. till i said look it was a doctor consultant radiologist who did the first one and was not the same hospital as this one .she had nothing to compare his results. don't think she was happy about me speaking up to her . but its my life my thyroid. and i know when there is a problem there, if he says there's a grade U4 suspect malignancy i ain't going to argue with him. but she was just like a matter of fact she couldnt see what the problem is.. then after that she sat and drew a thyroid gland said this is like yours small nodules in right and left with this left one bigger than the other.? then she said well im not saying it is or isnt cancer. and its a good one to have and can be cured... was she covering herself in case i tel the surgeon what she was saying. .. well i defo will be telling her when i see her about this woman . she should not be allowed to discuss this with anyone and there was a guy in there to listening to all this. any way clutter thanks for replying i know yr not a doc but hell you know more than she does .



It appears to be a question of interpretation. Both scans can be reviewed. If there are suspicious characteristics a FNA biopsy should be done.

I found it objectionable when my surgeon told me I had "the good cancer" because no cancer is good and it's about time clinicians etc. are re educated and told not to make ignorant comments like that.


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