a good evening of learning on here folks!

thankyou all, for lifting my spirits and really educating me... my doc threw my sttm book at me and huffed and puffed... she shudda kept it and she would maybe learn something... or i shall make her a brew, sit her down, and make her read this forum... our lives, what we are suffering , i think we need a bigger voice to make ourselves heard, ... to insist on better treatments and understanding... i am defo gonna end up self medicating, of that i am sure! absolutely nothing to lose! .. its just with what, and how ,..... a big hug to you all... x

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  • You can become a member of Thyroiuduk.org.uk who have this forum. They've been slowly, slowly going forward for years in trying to get the attitudes changed.

    The 'educated' Endos' disbelieve us when we say we feel worse on levo but are willing to prescribe something for a 'symptom' when what we need is decent hormones which alleviate ALL of our symptoms.

    There's no blood test for depression but will be prescribed anti-d's when our T3 level might be the culprit due not having sufficient thyroid hormone replacements.

    The Speciality is like a secret organisation who follow their own rules/regulations but we, the patients, are given anything other than levothyroxine which research has shown isn't the best available for many of us. Those that do fine will not be searching the internet.


  • Shaws, one of the Administrators, maybe you, occasionally gives out a link to a list of docs in the UK who will prescribe NDTs. Could you repeat that link for me please, I think Martine1234 could use it? Thanks.

  • thankyou LAHs for thinking of me... xx

  • Hi, I'm sorry I don't have a link or any information but if you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk she has a list of Private Endos who may do so. :)

  • Louise Warvill, yes, of course I remember now. Thanks.

  • the main problem is finding a gp that is fairly open minded and willing to continue learning other issues that they know little other than the basics , I have 1 [ who happens to specialise in a totally different field ] who has, through my directions to this site and his own research from advice here become more able to treat and help his other patients effectively at a far less cost to his own trust as well as to his patients therefor helping his own workload ..... he has personally thanked me for my help to him in this matter ...... as I say they are out there -- its just a matter of finding one ......alan xx

  • hi alan.. i agree... its just finding that nugget ... i have a lovely doctor , who has admitted he is lost... i stupidly went to see someone else, she put me down in the dumps all weekend, i felt hopeless... so gonna go back to my original doc and be open with him, that i may self medicate if he cant help me... he is quite laid back so lets see xxx

  • my personal suggestion would be to point him in the direction of here .... and suggest that he follows through with some of the posts and research matter , books,publishedpapers,accredited material etc..., maybe then he will be far better able to effectively treat his other patients ..... after all as old as I am i'm still learning every day as we all should be .......alan xx

  • The doctor is a gem in these days of blood tests alone with no regard to symptoms, Alan and I'm glad he has helped your family and thus other patients as well.

  • doctor yes , this site YES , the good people and help from this site YES YES YES ..... all together with sound advice and learning has got my lady so far out of that damn great tunnel she had a suntan in the winter lol .....alan xx

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