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Resting heart rate of 105. Should I still take T3?

Hi People,

I am on 100mg of T4 but still dont feel right. I have got my T3. I bought a pulse oximeter and have been checking my pulse for past few days. It has been coming to 105 resting! I thought may be that just one off. But I have been testing it everday and it is coming to the same -105. I have been reading on the internet and it says that the fast heart rate may be due to anti depressants I take. Should I re think taking T3 as my heart rate may go through the roof!

I was soooo looking forward to help me feel better. Feel bit discouraged now.

Pls I need advise!!


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Hi Babaji1971,

Have you had any thyroid blood tests recently? It wouldn't be wise to start taking T3 without knowing where your levels are at currently. It is strong stuff, and can particularly affect the heart. Is there a chance you could be slightly overmedicated, rather that under, and that's why you're feeling off?



Hi Mountaingoat83,

Thanks for your reply. Im def hypo as on T4. I have just ordered the blood test kit. Was going to start self medicating based on my symptoms but because my heart rate is this fast I thought better just check my bloods first. May be my fast heart rate is due to being hypo. I will wait for my blood results to come back.


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