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Pesticides causing gluten sensitivity

This probably has been posted here many times but oh well.

Last I was listening to radio when they interviewed a person studying insects and for some reason she started to talk about this. Apparently pesticides alter your gut flora which makes you sensitive to gluten. Interesting.

She also said that drinking non pasteurised milk would help as it is bifidobacterium that helps to brake down gluten. Pasteurised milk lacks bacteria.

In that light anyone mildly sensitive to gluten would benefit from supplementing bifidobacterium. Would not try that if very sensitive.

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Pesticides are endocrine disruptors and alter the functioning of the endocrine systems in humans and animals alike, so no doubt wheat plays its part along with all the chemicals found in the home. Once it alters the gut flora it sets everyone up for leaky gut and allergies.


Isn't bifida bacterium the same stuff as found in some live brands of yogurt? If so that might be a tad safer than unpasteurised milk (unless you're absolutely sure about the health and wellbeing of the cows you get unpasteurised milk from).

Very interesting though - it would make sense it had something to with pesticides. Others like Dr Wheatbelly (forgotten his name ;) ) bang on about the fact that wheat has been genetically modified and that's why we're becoming intolerant, but the use of pesticides adds another compelling argument.


Yeah they started to modify wheat so it would contain more gluten so it would be easier to bake. I would say there is not just one reason for gluten sensitivity. That makes it so hard to deal with or treat it. Same symptoms but different cause.

I agree about being careful with unpasteurised milk. Luckily you can get bifidobacterium in a capsule :D


Am all for protecting the gut flora and keeping it in balance - but not so sure about the milk solution. Lactose/lactase intolerance can accompany gut sensitivities .....

Have you read up on Monsanto wanting to join up with Merck in Europe so they can spread their poison even further. Lets hope the UK wakes up to this event ....


I agree lactose can cause so much trouble but one can get probiotics that contains a lot or only bifidobacterium. I bought bifidobacterium longum to help with histamine build up and ended up tolerating coffee again. Not sure is it about histamine or is bifidobacterium necessary to break down caffeine as they have studied gut bacteria is responsible for that too.

Roundup contains these same chemicals which is used all over Europe. I have used it too and I have a small bench where I grow vegetables. And I thought my vegetables would be poison free :/


If everyone using pesticides follow code of practice there is very little chance of contamination by handling or eating grains fruit vegetables etc I am more concerned

With eating organic witch may have had an untreated fungal infection ,

Where the real danger lies is for the people handling and applying the pesticides this

I believe what has caused my health problems .


Re pesticides.

I noted that the caretaker on the estate where I live was spraying weeds with glyphosate, no mask, nothing. I explained about the serious consequences of using glyphosate, so he stopped

what he was doing and contacted the estate manager. The following day a woman appeared

in a green overall and face mask and goggles. She sprayed the weeds and left.

I spoke to the caretaker reminding him that he should have been warned about using pesticides...for his healths sake.

My guess is that many gardeners who have not read about glyphosate more popularly know as Roundup use it without proper protection and then get sick.. sometimes seriously.

It has been shown that it is cancer causing and the WHO World Health Organisation,

says its a probable carcinogen. That's like saying cigarettes will probably cause cancer?

a word to the wise its highly toxic and in the food we eat due to EU agreements with the USA

it is being phased out over 3 years? Why you may wonder? Why continue to poison the population. Think Volkswagen and the diesel emissions test which all motorists had to pay for.

the test was a sham and cars were spewing out toxic diesel fumes. Then it was discovered that

all diesel cars had the same problem ...causing who knows how many cases of Asthma and


Shouldn't we get a refund from the government since the tax we were paying was for nothing.

and shouldn't people who can prove harm be compensated?

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