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Blood results - low TSH

I've been feeling rubbish since I ran out of T3 and been on the NHS T3. I'm currently on 50mcg Levo and 10mcg daily of T3 (NHS Liothyronine). After routine bloods the GP has called today to say my TSH is 3.28 and too low. Nothing else was tested. GP advises to up Levo to 100mcg daily and keep on 10mcg T3. I'm not seeing Endo til September but was actually feeling better on 50mcg Levo and 50mcg T3. Now I feel tired, very dry skin, have brain fog, puffy face, increasing weight gain, etc etc. Any advice gratefully received, although I appreciate that's tricky without a full blood count! Many thanks.

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Increasing to 75mcg should be sufficient to bring your TSH down <0.1.

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TSH 3.28 is high, not low but as I said above 25mcg dose increase will probably be sufficient. If you felt better on 50mcg T3 it is likely your FT3 has dropped. Ask your endo to test FT3 in Sept.

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Many thanks Clutter, I'll try 75 as you suggest and ask the Endo to do further tests. A full range would be very useful. Thanks again



If you are taking T3, it is really important to have free t3 tested.


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