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Ocular migraines affected by Thyroid?

I was first discovered to have an underactive thyroid when I seemed to have what was diagnosed as an ocular migraine, something I had never suffered before. This was about 8 years ago. The vision was affected in one eye for about 20minutes. I had been referred to an opthalmic specialist and they could find nothing wrong.

I used to find that when my period was due to start, I also had random amounts of flashing lights and floaters etc. I have been menopausal for about a year and this hasn't happened again.

However, my eyes are sometimes sensitive in the same way but it doesn't last.

Since March I have had some issues in the same way. I had what I perceived to be an visual migraine but in the end realised it was a vitreous gel problem. I was told it could settle down if it was left for a while. I am not someone who suffers with headaches and shortly after the vitreous gel problem I had a huge amount of floaters but they settled down somewhat.

I always associate the visual lights etc to thyroid and I am finally getting to see an endocrinologist in a couple of weeks time so I thought I would mention it then.

Im worried though because today seemed bad. When it is bright out, I notice the floaters and the brighter lights around the edge of my vision. I am conscious of glaucoma because it is in my family but I don't appear to have lost any vision.

It doesn't sound like Thyroid Eye Disease.

I had an optic nerve injury in a car accident about 19 years ago and It suddenely occured to me that it related to that although obviously that is not thyroid related.

I had very high FT3 but a high TSH a few months ago which is why I have an appointment with an endocrinologist. Someone mentioned pituitary related thyroid issues. Anxious to say the right things to the endocrinologist. I also don't have this every day but alot of time and sure its getting worst.

Anyone have thoughts about any of this?

Thank you.

p.s. I also have very high antibodies from my own testing. I get alot of joint pain. Im also therefore wondering if this could be an auto immune problem but not sure what one it could be. I guess I should mention those thoughts to specialist too.

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I have had those flashing lights with zig zags I thought I was having a stroke the first time now I'm diagnosed with hashes I expect its that


I have migraines which started after lost my thyoid to RAI treatment. I have since been told that by a gp thyroid disease and migraines go together and its common to have both conditions. I hope once you get your hormones under control you will feel much better. Kind regards


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