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Does anyone else have Hypoglycaemia on top of Hypothyroidism & how do you cope?

Hi - I have Hashimotos and I have recently been to see a Functional Medicine Practitioner recommended by Thyroid UK.

I told him that I have an energy slump after lunch and he suggested that I might be Hypoglycemic as well as Hypothyroid! I haven't been able to get much info off the internet about how to deal with hypoglycaemia - does anyone have similar issues and, if so, how do you cope and has it got any better?


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Hi bluemaxx,

Same for me but since I started a low carb, high fat diet my blood sugar has stabilised and I no longer get hypoglycemic symptoms. I'm not planning to get a blood test again until I've been on this diet for a bit longer, but I'm sure I will be told my blood sugar level is now ok. If you are interested in it I use it probably won't work for everyone but you could try it. Dr Michael Mosley advocates it too. :-)


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