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Mercury pharma levothyroxine- does it cause joint pain?

For the last few weeks I have been in a lot of pain. My joints hurt and are stiff and my lower legs ache. I think this has happened since starting my new prescription which is the Mercury pharma brand of levothyroxine. I am going to go to the chemist today and ask what brand I had last time.

Does anyone else have these side effects with MP?

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MP didn't suit me as palpitations were worse on MP and I told my pharmacist I would only accept Actavis or Wockhardt.

The joint pains I had were due to vitamin D deficiency.


If it's not used, ie not converted into t3 then this can be one of the causes of joint pain.

You could be allergic to the fillers though..... Worth trying a few anti histamines?

Once you find a brand which suits, always best to stick with it.


I get joint pain and stiff feet, achilles and calf muscles when my T3 falls too low so I have to take meds which contain T3.

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I hadn't realised that morning ankle stiffness is a hypo thing, also expected of rheumatoid arthritis, until I looked it up after a rare morning walk recently.


Yes......I was the same.In fact MP anything didn't suit me.

When using T4 Levo only I asked my Pharmicist to switch me to Actavis.


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