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Hi all

I have just got my latest blood results back with an elevated CRP of 7 (range is >5) my last bloods they were 3,Dr has called me back for appointment to discuss,TSH has increased to 10 up from 5 (range >5).

Im nervous as I have had increasing what I think is GB pain in my back now for months almost daily ,but feeling not too bad in myself apart from being pretty stressed lots of the time.

Any ideas please?

Thanks :)

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  • Mine too, jlat, ( with Blue Horizon ) although my TSH is 0.01 as I'm self medicating T3/NDT. Following your post for the CRP elevation although I think you'll find CRP should be <5. Hope we find an answer which helps us both :)

  • Hi Rapunzel,Yes you are right it should be under 5 :),do you have any upper right hand side pain too?..Has your GP said why it is elevated?, I am gluten free dairy free eat no red meat no alcohol (I am the life of a party not ;))and take a handful of supplements and still the inflammation has doubled in the last 6 months, any suggestions to bring it down or help with this constant dull gnawing pain in my back mostly ?

  • Glycine, from gelatine, bone broth, oats, sardines etc is meant to be good for inflammation.

    Are your gums OK? -- gum disease can increase CRP.

  • Thanks gums are good :) but mouth along with eyes and skin very dry ,have not had blood test for sjrogens but have lots of same symptoms, thanks for the oats advice ,I was told they were acid forming so will give them a shot thanks :)

  • As a "reformed" long-term veggie, I now allow myself offal about once a week, telling myself it's a by-product that not many people want -- it's regularly reduced at the supermarket.

    My eyes and nose have started playing up again, since mid-May. Tested negative for Sjogren's and improved when I dropped my statin. Definitely not as bad as last year, but that was July, so there's time yet...

    I soak oat groats, along with other seeds. The water should probably be discarded, but the soaking is meant to make them more digestible. Oats, with about 0.8g of glycine per 100g compare fairly well with animal sources, and have over 10x the amount in milk, but you wouldn't get the recommended 8-10g per day from normal consumption.


  • thanks smallbluething :) will try

  • just read your link and it was great very informative will print and take to my Dr on next appt cheers

  • Very interesting indeed - I have some inflammatory issues [which come and go] and do my utmost to keep my CRP as low as I can... currently <3 but I'm just happy with it <5... it has been 9 and I've just discovered looking at my medical records that it was once 13!!! Drs seem disinterested with it... saying it could be just a small injury... I DO care about this number. Thanks for posting. :-)

  • When I had a cellulitis infection my GP asked if I wanted any other tests added to TSH. Off the top of my head I said CRP. It wasn't done then, but was included two months later, I suppose to establish a baseline. Mine was 5, which was considered OK as under 10.

  • Thank you SmallBlueThing - I also ask for and get CA-125 (Ovarian) and CA-19-9 (Pancreas) tested. The range that I've seen on my tests says <5 is 'normal'... but sometimes when tested, even a small injury can make CRP test as higher.

  • Thanks lindac why the Pancreas test?

  • Ah jlat, my mother [undiagnosed hypothyroid... as most of my family on the other side - was/is like Blackpool rock throughout hypothyroid]: she and her14 years older senior sister both died at 71 y/o of pancreatic cancer. My sister had an ovarian mass removed in her late 40's and I can [without taking antibiotics when needed] suffer ludicrous bloating (that doesn't go down at all without Abx). Both panc and ovaries have signs/symptoms of bloating.

  • Oh so sorry to hear that Lindac better to safe than sorry for sure ,:( Take care and again thanks so much for your feedback x

  • Hey jlat, thanks but it's fine... at least I know and can take those tests as a precaution... I'd then run to a country with greater knowledge/facilities ;-) They were both prescribed diabetic meds and other prescription drugs... I won't go near any of their poisons [wow, my father... worst story imaginable] - just vits/mins and thyroid HORMONES, not meds/drugs, just hormones! You take care also... this is a hard road and its always good to talk with those who actually understand. xox

  • My ALT liver function test was of interest last time. Good to see it come back in-range, having ceased taking a statin. But the statin proponents say that ALT can be 2.5-3x above range before there's need for concern.

    Yeah, right :-(

  • You poor thing - I don't have back pain but my gums have been playing up although now a little more settled. LindaC mentions hers was at 13 once and she's still breathing, Jlat, so we must drawn hope from that, no ? :)

  • Thanks Rapunzel, yes Im still breathing lol and happy always to hear of others experiences ,puts my mind at rest not to know I am not alone.Will talk to GP about Levo at Clutter's recommendation and see how it all goes thanks so much :)

  • Please tell me what is cross mean have no clue thanks.

  • Yes Rapunzel and I had no clue about that and nothing was suggested or done. Once when I realized it was 10, I asked a GP about it and she said, "We have people with CRP into the 100's" - my response was, "I'd like to try to find out WHY it is high before mine is up there with something dreadful or terminal"... in the US it is used as an indicator for heart problems and that is how I got into the whole thing. Yes, still breathing ;-) xx

  • Hurrah LindaC ! The Thyroid monkeys will not have us ! I have looked into effects of CRP with gum disease here


    and will have my CRP rechecked in a few months time.

    If you have time, look here...


    ...and laugh til you're sick - my Gp has asked me to reduce my levo by 25mcg and he will retest in 3 months. Hurrah sucker ! Saved me having to go to Spire with my vaccutainer ! Monkey ! Throw him a banana ! :D

    And PS...my Gp also told me that he had patients whose TSH was in the hundreds...poor blinders ! I suppose he thought they were in range, too ! It is a nonsense tho, isn't it - doesn't make you feel any better if you're ill to be told you're not as ill as some of the other patients !

  • They're all donkeys... mental, mad donkeys ;-)

  • Jlat,

    If you are not prescribed Levothyroxine your GP needs to do so now. If you are prescribed Levothyroxine your dose needs increasing until TSH is around 1.0 or lower.

    Elevated CRP may be related to your back pain. Gall bladder disease is very common in hypothyroid patients and TSH 10 means you are overtly hypothyroid.

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