Full fat Dairy good - 2 legs bad

Full fat Dairy good - 2 legs bad

Apologies if already posted...

I keep floggin that dead hoss & witter on to the unbelievers at work, today I was astounded by "fat is good!" - 'twas on telly - so must be right!

(how long is this process of fact to TV I ask - no answer - how much longer processed food?)

Someone also said plastic is bad! (hooray at last!) Kilner are doing a Sainsbury campaign...

back to the future methinks.... there's always opposition to a u-turn 'tho'...


Pic - ants had the right idea not Ancel - he did a u-turn later in life too...

(is it only me noticed that butter dishes are back?)

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  • The makers of a well-known pasta sauce are now putting on their labels that the food should be eaten occasionally.

    Methinks the large food manufacturers know the game is up. As they are the ones who "support" certain medically related charities.

    In fact if you Google you can find a consortium of them were caught with documents from the tobacco companies on how to continue their "advice" on low fat and sugar.

    Oh and my friends and family eat what they did when they were children. So those who can eat butter eat it and those of us who can't use something else or don't bother.

  • Have you read the great cholesterol con by Dr Malcolm Kendrick? A real eye opener. I started a low carb, high far diet 3 weeks ago and have lost 9 pounds! I fry in butter and use cream! It's unbelievable. Food tastes so much better and I don't feel hungry, plus I'm not getting the low blood sugar symptoms. Www.dietdoctor.com is great. Fat is not the enemy, sugar/carbs is.

  • LCHF is definitely the way to go. Apart from anything else it forces you to eat natural, unprocessed food. The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz and Dr John Briffa's Escape the Diet Trap are also well worth a read.

  • Spareribs,

    We've always had a butter dish in our house .... (obviously full of butter).

    Nothing else compares.

  • My daughter, who works in the diabetes field is always banging on about the healthy plate, low fat high carb diet. Today she finally listened to me! Yippee!

  • So many if us have been on low fat for decades, now we're open to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Thanks.

    Throughout my adult life I have had skimmed milk and low fat margarine and I still gained weight. About a year ago I started to eat butter again, lots of it, also I now have full fat milk, now they're saying it protects you from obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

    When I was a child it was normal to eat a lot of fat, the difference then was processed food wasn't around. There were only fish and chip shops, which was a rare treat, of course the fish and chips then we're cooked in beef dripping and delicious! I can remember only having chocolate at Christmas. We never had a lot of sugar. I don't remember obese people and certainly no obese children in the 60's. We only ate 3 times a day, no grazing then. We need to go back to bacon and eggs in the morning and chuck away the sugary cereals!

  • I often have bacon and eggs now for breakfast, fried in butter! I'm not missing bread, potatoes, pasta or rice, not even chocolate!

  • I think you quickly lose your taste for them. I know chocolate once over the hurdle is sickly sweet, even the quality stuff. You are so more aware especially when you're out and having a cuppa and a piece of cake, that there is bucket loads of sugar in anything processed. I think M&S is one of the worst for being heavy handed with the sugar! When I was last out and had a piece of cake in the café for a rare treat, I just couldn't finish it, and felt horrible for eating it. Then you know how far you've come.

    One thing I can't give up is brown rice, but now instead of having a big dollop of it, I have a level tablespoon at the most.

    My favourite is buttery scrambled eggs and lots of mushrooms fried in butter :-)

    Are you doing it for weight loss, or reducing blood sugar? Or just because you prefer it?!

  • Natural products are usually the best. Previous generations didn't have the same allergies or same level of health problems probably because they ate 'real' food.

    Meat is a good example. Butchers meat is far superior to processed meat products. Cheese is another. Compare the taste of a block of any cheese of your choice to cheese slices or babybel. No contest. Sugar products should only be a treat, and they are probably better than sugar substitutes. As for butter, I live in quite a rural area, and some people here never stopped using butter!

    The more processed something is, the more chemicals it contains (and the longer the shelf life). That can't be good for the human body. Time and lifestyle are the main reasons why processed food is used. It does take more effort and time to put a meal together from scratch than it does to chuck a pie in the oven or order out. Not that there is anything wrong with that as a treat, just not every day. I think that is now showing in the health of the nation.

    The other thing that is hard to avoid is the chemicals added to foodstuffs for cattle. That gets passed on to us, which may be contributing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria affecting humans. Honestly, mankind is it's own worst enemy!

  • Yes I never went on low fat anything. Now the so called experts are saying fat is good for you. Well experts are bad for you.

    Havent seen anyone on here saying anything about icecream. I will only buy the real Icecream not the chemical made ones...yuk...had some once and it coated my mouth with thick grease.... talk about throw up. Only good natural food for me.

  • "Experts are bad for you" - definitely! :)

  • i don't believe it is good at all. Not the fat, but cow milk. It must be a healthy, free range, non steroid antibiotic free cow..if you want to risk it.

  • Europe does not allow Bovine somatotropin.

  • ah ha, but would the UK?

  • Also, raw is best. Pasteurised, homogenised is deadly!

  • i was told and read that with hashi's..no milk of any kind, ever.

  • LOL! we bought a butter dish around a year ago, can't remember actually owing one before, also back on the full cream milk too.

  • A few months ago I came to the same conclusion, natural products have to be better for us than all this processed crap the experts try (and succeeded) conning us with. As far as sugar in coffee goes it is far better for us than aspartemane and I went from 1 sweetner to less than half a spoon. Full fat milk is back in my fridge and the butter dish now has it's own special place!

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