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Chronic fatigue

Hi my sister has had chronic fatigue or post viral fatigue for 12 weeks now and is not getting any better, she can hardly get out of bed. Blood tests taken, and GP says thyroid normal. I have been reading about the work of Dr Skinner and wondered if there were any other doctors anyone would recommend she should see. She lives in Edinburgh. Please private message me. Thanks

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I don't know of someone and Dr Skinner is sadly missed. If you email she has a list and there may be someone in Scotland).

I am sorry your sister is so unwell and it's good you are searching on her behalf.

First if you get a print-out of her blood tests from the doctor, with the ranges - these are figures in brackets after the result. You can then post them on a new question for comments from members.

If your sister didn't follow the procedure below which has been found to be the best for diagnosing I'd ask GP to do another blood test and tell him previous results might be skewed. Or you can get a private one from Thyroiduk's recommended labs. Some doctors won't take notice of them.

First the appointment should be at the very earliest appointment and don't eat anything before it, although you can take water.

If she was on thyroid hormones she'd allow 24 hours between the dose and the test which should be: earliest and fast.

If we eat, it can reduce the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which might result in not being diagnosed or unnecessarily reducing the dose of thyroid hormone replacement (usually levothyroxine).

If the doctor only tested TSH and T4 these don't tell the whole picture. The tests should be TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3. (T3's are important as they are the active hormone required in all of our Receptor Cells otherwise we can feel very unwell indeed. T4 is inactive and has to convert to T3. Even if 'in range' T4 and T3 should be towards the upper part of the range not just 'somewhere' which many doctors think is o.k.

Also ask doctor to test:- Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as these deficiencies can cause problems as well.

From now on always get a print-out with the ranges for own records and so that they can be posted for comments.

p.s. some doctors believe that if the TSH hasn't reached 10 (the British Thyroid Association's recommendation before prescribing) they don't prescribe. Whereas in other countries if TSH is around 3+ they will.

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Do you know what caused your sister's virus? I'm thinking Lyme Disease and/or co-infections. She should ask her doctor to test her for Lyme. She's in that magic window where it just might come back positive. Mostly the NHS test is useless.


I have CFS and fibro and have been unwell for about 3 years. The doctors do not take you seriously so in the last 6 months I have been self treating b12 and thyroid.

I requested all blood test results over the last 3 years and pushed for thyroid, b12 and lymes tests to be done. My b12 was only 165 but I was refused injections and my thyroid was borderline. I was desperate to get better so decided I would treat myself. I inject b12 weekly and take low dose armour thyroid. I can honestly say I am so much better than 6 months ago when I was bedridden and husband had to care for me.

Research is the key and a good lot of multi vitamins. Dr Sally Myhill has an excellent website and suggested supplements.

Get copies of blood tests and check the results online. Once you are labelled with CFS GP'S seem to be happy to put every symptom down to that and not look at other possibilities.

Good luck

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These are two links which I think might interest you re fibro:


Your B12 was extremely low and I am glad you have taken that into your own hands. The recommendation now is for our B12 to be around 1,000 to prevent neurological problems.


Yes very scary that GP'S do not understand how dangerous it is to have such low b12. The pernicious anemia society were amazing in their help. I am glad I manage this myself now and don't have to worry about arguing with GPs


I have P.A. myself but was detected before I had any problems/symptoms. My mother also had P.A.


Just to add if it's not clear from the others posters if the doctor says a result is "normal" it may be at the bottom of the range.

If it is a the bottom of the range it is not high enough for optimum health. So it is no wonder your sister is not well.

This is why you must get both the results and the range.

Also be aware that many medical doctors know nothing about nutrition so will either ignore results or follow protocols that are inadequate, even though information about what they should be doing maybe published on one of the many recommended sites both you and they have access to.


Thanks everyone for all your replies and advice. I will speak to her about getting her results to see what she has been tested for.


The website that has been recommended is for Dr Sarah Myhill,not Dr Sally Myhill.Lots of excellent info on there.


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