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Once or twice a month hit with a 3-4 day flu, runny nose, fuzzy head, excess mucus, scratch throat, is this linked to Hashimotos?

Hi All

As I explained above once or twice a month I am hit with a bad bout of flu like symptoms that are sore body, runny nose, excess mucus, very scratchy throat (it almost always starts with the scratchy throat and red throat. Is this linked in anyway to a Hashimotos flare up or should I start looking into other reasons why I am having this every month? It is very dehabilitating and getting me down and obviously very hard to work with when I get these symptoms, I just wondered had anybody experienced anything similar and found any cures to prevent this. I understand having Hashimotos/Hypothyroid like I do already makes my immune system weaker and more susceptible to bugs and viruses than it should be but it can't be a case of me picking up a very, very bad cold every month!? or if it is just a Hashimotos flare up, why is it so so bad?

Thanks for any advice :)

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I hope you get a good answer as I've got exactly the same thing. I'm sitting here with a runny, yet bunged up nose, feeling as if I've swallowed a cactus. It comes and goes every few days and wipes me out!


hashimoto's which can be a result of food sensitivities, food sensitivities can cause pain and flu symptoms too.. especially grain and dairy.


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