Please help

Please help

I had a growth tumor in my thyroid it would press up against my throat make it hard for me to eat and cause severe anxiety attacks I had half of it removed and was ok for awhile got sick again couldn't eat anything but baby food couldn't leave the house that lasted almost a year an now almost 2 years later it's happening again feels like it's the other side of my thyroid can't eat always feels like I'm suffocating and constant anxiety attacks please any help to make this stop

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I have received great help for some of my problems by being a member of Dr. Eric Berg's private adrenal membership page. His sales page is He's generally concentrated on weight loss, but his idea is to heal the body and then the weight comes off naturally. He knows a great deal about natural treatments for all sorts of things. I know that tumors grow with sugar and high carbs so avoid these. However it's super important to get lots of vegetables for carbs and healthy fats for energy.

Is your doctor helpful. What are your blood results. Please give more info and hopefully you will get more replys. It sound to me like you need some investigations.

I Don't really understand what you're asking. Is the photo of a post you posted on another forum on HealthUnlocked? In there, you say that you 'kicked the pills'. What pills? If you are talking about Levo, or somehting similar, that wasn't a very good idea. Given that you probably felt well because you were taking the 'pills', coming off them would automatically mean that you started to feel bad again.

It's also very probably that you now have a problem with the remaining half of your thyroid. Have you seen a doctor about this? Perhaps it, too, needs to be removed.

But, I agree with mandyjane, we really to need more information to be able to help you. Blood tests, what you're taking, etc. There is nothing much we can say, without knowing more. Anxiety attacks and lumps in the throat, can very well be symptoms of low thyroid. Plus if you only have half a thyroid, and the other half seems to be playing up again, you really need to be on some form of thyroid hormone replacement. That's about all I can tell you. :(

I was taking alprazolam an they just recently put me back on it I'm still waiting for all the test results it's just been a long process haven't got results back the anxiety is just getting worse haven't been able to eat or really move at all my right side of my neck gets super tight alot of mucus constantly feels hard to breathe or swallow it's been 2 years since I've had these problems I think I may need other side removed as well I just want to find a way to stop the anxiety an be able to function normal I won't have any results for 10 days at least

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