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Endo update:

Last time I was taking 125/150/150 mcg T4 doses and TSH was 0.5 (bottom of 'range').  No fT4 or fT3 were done.  I increased the dose by a minimal amount, so taking 150 mcg T4 daily for the past 2 months at least.  TSH was 0.08 and fT4 was 21 (I think top of range is 24).

Endo doesn't like the 0.08 TSH except I told her I feel better than I have in years.  Plus my blood pressure has gone from 150/100 to 119/73 (lower consistently since November 2015).  One time the nurse took the blood pressure again 10 minutes after getting a 150/100 and it went to 162/110.  Now it is consistently eminently normal.  

Of course endo starts into the atrial fibrilliation business (which was her favourite reason for not liking to use T3 even though she did prescribe it without me asking for it.... that stuff doesn't agree with me).  I told her 'look at my blood pressure and pulse rate:  they are now excellent.  Let's just leave things alone.  See you next year.'  oh no no.  Here we are, last year in the summer she wanted to ditch me to my GP and now she won't let me go for a year.  6 months, see you then.  

I'll make sure next time to not take the T4 in the morning before I get blood taken. Plus I didn't have the blood taken until 11 a.m.  Not the usual before 9 a.m.  I was not being terribly well organized last week.  I don't know if this accounts for the difference.  Can it?

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Two months will have given time for the T4 to reach its full potential. Taking into consideration the later time of blood test and taking your pill on the morning I think your TSH is as should be expected. 

Your wellness and lower BP are signs that you function better with a lower TSH when medicating T4 (as many others do).

You know the moral of the story ... ! ! ! .... 



thanks radd.  Next time I'm doing it the 'usual' way.  

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Yes it could have accounted for the difference.  If possible go for a fasting (water only) blood test as early as possible and don't take any thyroid medication for 24 hours beforehand.


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