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Seriously will i actually lose weight?

Having been on 75mcg for over 10 years, all of a sudden my blood results have shown a dramatic change. Ive been on 100mcg, only to find that was too high and am now taking 75 & 100mcg om alternate days. So this is playing huge havoc on my weight! Ive been attending 10 classes per week and eating such small portions with plenty of water but im finding it such a struggle to shift anything!! Will it ever shift? Can someone give me advice on how to slim down? Im not afraid of hard work at the gym but i feel really disappointed when i dont produce 1 drop of sweat! Please can someone advise me on this..? Thanks in advance

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I am no expert on weight loss and  struggled to loose weight, i was always very tiny until i was diagnosed Hypo 15 yrs ago. i too take 75mcgs of Levo and in desperation joined a slimming group.

 The results have been fantastic and i am never hungry, i have lost half a stone and dropped a dress size.

It seems to be working for me and i know we are all different what works for one doesnt always work for another. But its worth a try, i was just like you at the gym and nothing happening i do still go to the gym because i enjoy it.

Hope you find what works for you

Regards Dotti


Thanks for your time in replying dotti. How long into joining a group did you see a change in your weight? I'm happy to try anything really as its beginning to bring me down all this hard exercising yet no results. Are you still with your slimming group now? 


Do you have any blood test results to share with us? That's the first place to start. I very much doubt you were over-medicated on 100 mcg Levo. But, if they only look at the TSH, they might think so. Do they test anything else?

You have to remember that doctors know nothing about thyroid, but think they know it all, usually. They diagnose and treat by the TSH only, and that is a disaster for the patient - as you have found out!

Symptom - like weight-gain - are caused by low T3, not high TSH. And your TSH can very well be bottom of the range with a very low FT3. Doctors will think you're 'fine', but you really aren't!

If your weight-gain is caused by slow metabolism, caused by low T3 - and it sounds as though it is - dieting and exercise not only won't help, but will probably make things worse. Sounds to me as if you need to eat more, not less. In order to be able to convert your T4 (Levo) to T3, you need calories - low calorie causes hypothyroidism.

And, exercise not only uses up all your precious calories, but it also uses up your T3, making you even more hypo, which in turn makes you put on more weight. Just gentle exercise like walking to stop you rusting up, but Don't got to the gym until your FT3 is optimised.  

Eat plenty of protein and good fats - Don't skimp on the fats! Butter, animal fat, olive oïl, nuts, avocados, etc - but avoid seed oils like sunflowerseed and rapeseed. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg, some carbs - hypos need  carbs - and Don't skimp on the salt, because adrenals need salt. Avoid sugar and all processed foods.

Once you get your FT3 optimised, I'm pretty sure your weight will come off. See my profile for my Before and After photos. :)



Yes i am still with my group i only joined 6 weeks ago  and this week reached my half a stone loss, i was loosing between a pound to two and a half pounds a week.

I eat plenty of fruit and veg, lots of water but i cut out rice and bread i used to eat tons of the stuff and i was terrible for snacking on all the wrong things.

Regards Dotti


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