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hi some of u will have read previous post for help advice n i need more..i hav been found not to convert al my levels are in recommended range for iron folate ferrtin etc ive been on wholethyriod for 8weeks does was uped week ago2 2 65mg tablets an levels have not changed but symptoms hav seemed to hav got worse..can any1 share y this might b..my does increase are big as i went up buy a whole tablet n my brain feels over stimlated..help please feel these might take me out...

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  • fairie02

    Thanks for your Profile and I note that you are unable to convert T4 to T3. If that's the case you can only get better by T3 only (so I understand).

    I am sorry you're not feeling welll either which must be a disappointment.

    The fact that you had a TT 7 years ago and been unwell since tells its own story.

    What is 'whole thyroid' is it NDT? If it is natural dessicated thyroid hormones. You've been on 1 grains (65mcg each) for 7 weeks and increased by 1 gr for 1  weeks?

    Normally when beginning NDT you can increase the dose gradually every 2 weeks until you feel much better. Maybe the dose you've been on for 8 weeks is low for you. Just to confuse matters it may be that the T4 within the NDT you may not be able to convert to the 'extra' T3

    I would drop down by 1 tablet and then increase up by 1/4 every 2 weeks.

    I am not medically qualified Fairie123 - 2 grains of NDT is between 150mcg and 200mcg of leve approx. What dose of levo were you taking?

  • i was on 100mg synthroid which was stopped on startin of ndt (wholethyroid) wat is usual time for washout with synthyroid?? would u no an would not weening an just straight onto 1 whole tablet been to much to fast followed buy 2nd increase of 2 ndt

  • also where can i get t3 from please

  • If you were already taking 100mcg of synthroid (levo) it was fine to switch straight over to 1 gr (65mcg) of NDT. To double your dose might have been a bit too much so I'd reduce it down by 1/2 tablet for the next few days and it might work for you. After two weeks increase up by 1/4.

    Give NDT a chance anyway for a couple of months then you can think about T3 only. Chopping and changing isn't too good without giving enough time on a certain hormone..

  • kool thanks..wil giv 4 more weeks if i can bear it..fingers cross for some positive progress my way..brain feels like it needs it..

  • You will see I've changed the recommendation due to your blood test results.

    Our replies have crossed one another.

    I am not medically qualified but have had to fathom out my own doses.

  • I should have asked you to print out your blood test results with the ranges as that will give members a better idea and able to respond.

  • latest levels were tsh 8.19 (0.4-3.8) t4 10.2 (12.8-20.4)t3 3.6 (4.0-6.8)

  • My goodness your TSH is far too high, both T4 and T3 too low.

    You need to increase your dose but do so gradually every 2 weeks.

    No wonder you feel awful.

    Best wishes 

  • this has been the picture 4 nearly 2 years now hence fustraightion..tsh has been has been higher

  • my symptoms feel like to over medicated??how can i tel when bloods show im low??feel like torcha heads hard to control

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