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T3 & challenging CCG's .I'm working on a strategy to get Ind. Funding appl'ns approved. ENSURE APPLICATION 100% DON'T TRUST professionals!!

I'm not gonna assume that a GP or an Endo or even a specialist knows the refinements needed to produce a body of evidence that a CCG panel will find impossible to ignore.

They don't do it everyday  it's our lives.

Lets make sure the best application possible goes in.

As I understand it an appeal will only be judged on whether the CCG followed the correct procedures unless you provide new evidence.

If you do it right from the start there should be no need for an appeal. I expect no-one wants to turn against their professional 'colleagues ' and change a decision already made. Don't make it harder than it is by a rushed , half baked application.

Mean business! Tell you GP, Endo, Specialist you mean business and insist on working on application together. Don't let it go in without seeing it.

Don't leave it to chance or the half hearted efforts of a busy, semi interested, stressed, 'whatever' professional.

If you know the facts needed...

If you know the parameters by which they make their assessments and decisions

we are surely nearly there?!

My CCG (Somerset) has stated in writing on its web site that they issued no guidance to cease medication, that's a good start at least for me.

You need to know more about your CCG than they do, seriously!!!


Live long and prosper X

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Hi Juliat

Thanks for your work and for keeping us cheered through your optimism.

When you have put together your good application, please would you share it so that the rest of us can also appeal and get well again?

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