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For those taking on their CCG re. stopping T3 here's very useful information, SEARCH your own CCG website, they don't make it easy to find

Thanks to Musicmonkey for sending me links to this web site which is not my CCG but has more useful information on it than Somerset CCG

Forewarned if forearmed!

First one is 54 pages ( suck it up and print it, good stuff you need to know how their brains work and to make sure the 'professional' who puts in the individual funding claim DOES IT RIGHT!

 Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group

Policy and operating procedures for the consideration of Individual Funding Requests (IFRs)




PLEASE NOTE: The CCG requests that IFR forms are not handwritten; illegible forms will be returned.


Patient leaflet re indiv. Funding.


medical definition of clinical benefit

clinical benefit  A positive effect of a therapeutic intervention.

Clinical benefits

Prolongation of life, reduction in pain, improvement in function, increased sense of well-being.

Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Good morning all...

The CCG can and do make their own rules as to what is allowed in their area. Coeliacs have been facing restrictions on gluten free foods for some years now...and its getting worse. The standard response is that there is more gluten free food available in supermarkets. OK..this is true...sometimes.

For you good don't really have a viable alternative...and clinical decisions in the hands of the I don't think so....

What I am saying to you is work as a team...pool information...someone co-ordinate all the info....and try and stop this happening.  

Its the first of May....may the sun shine on you



thanks xx


Good luck trying to co-ordinate this. Sorry that's sounds sarky put like that, but I do wish you good luck.

I too am in Somerset. (T4 only but other problems.)

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