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Endocrinologist at Different Hospital to Initial Scan

I've just discovered that the hospital I've been referred to (after a lump on my throid was confirmed by ultrasound) isn't the same hospital that I had my scan at.

Over the years I've had various problems with test results not being sent to consultants (at all, let alone in time for appointments, I've a missing echocardiogram and 24 hour heart monitoring that have been missing for 6 months which caused problems with urgent surgery I had at the beginning of the year) so now I'm a wee bit anxious that the scan report won't be with the endocrinologist when I get there - in the past I've had "well we can't do anything without knowing what's on the scan" and even worse, a couple of doctors making me out to be a liar, which is a stress I could do without.

I'm wondering if I should try and get a copy of the scan report to take with me to avoid any hiccups - can anyone tell me if that's something I can do (I know my previous GP was pretty difficult to extract any information from) or if it's worth the hassle?  Does the endocrinologist just need to know that there's a lump, or do they need the details that would be on the scan report?

My lump's pretty visable, so they can't deny it's there, but it took the scan to convince three GPs (my old one, and two GPs at my new surgery as I've not settled on a GP yet) that it's my thyroid that's got the lump on and not my trachia or a ganglion in the ligament, and even then they hadn't received the scan results 2 weeks after the scan had been done (luckily the GP who referred me accepted me telling her what the sonographer had told me).

I'm concerned my appointment will end up being wasted as I'll end up going through the whole shinannegins of having to convince the doctor again, and given that the lump is on the iffy side I'd rather ensure my appointment is used as efficiently as possible.

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Have you definitely been referred to an endo? I had my scan and biopsy at my local hospital but then was referred to an ENT consultant at a different hospital because they specialise in thyroid lumps. I didn't have problems with thyroid function though. If you're worried about the new hospital not getting your results, phone them and check before your appointment x


Yup, my letter definately states endocrinology - my process has gone GP - ultrasound - GP - endocrinology.  I'd not thought about contacting the hospital ahead of the appointment as opposed to getting the info from people I'd already seen (evidently I currently have tish for brains), good thinking!  All the thyroid like symptoms I have are also ones associated with other illnesses I have, so I might still end up with ENT once the damned thing's had a thorough prodding.


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