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Sore Breasts persistent is this linked to Hashimotos/Hypothyroid?


I have been experiencing extremely sore breasts (it feels like the menstrual pain that comes before periods except lasts 2 or more weeks before period begins)

and I am wondering has anybody else found what this can be and if it is linked in any way to Hashimotos/Hypothyroid. I never used to have this issue and I am starting to think it is ever since being diagnosed that this has been happening.

I am starting to worry it could be something else and Doctors have suggested trying a birth pill but again, I know that Hashimoto's patients don't tend to do well on this treatment as it kicks auto-immune flare ups off.

Any suggestions? has anybody suffered from a similar issue to this? 

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Hi Kerrycat7, yes I have suffered from this for years. In my case it is Fibrocystic Breast Disease. It can be caused by an imbalance of hormones, so I would definitely stay away from birth control pills, maybe get your hormone levels tested. It sometimes occurs as a result of an oestrogen/progesterone imbalance.

The only thing that has helped me is at least 3 grams of Evening Primrose Oil per day (one with a high GLA), Boots do a good one boots.com/en/Boots-Evening-... . I was also Vitamin D deficient.

The pain got much better when I sorted out my vitamin D and Thyroid levels. Since adding EPO and vitamin D, the pain has almost gone.

You can get your vitamin D level checked with a fingerprick test here, vitamindtest.org.uk/

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Hi Annie

Thanks for this, I already use EPO but it is probably a lower dose than this so I will try this one out. I am also vitamin D deficient and on 2000iu of it a day.

Did you get your hormone levels tested? I had mine tested last month but I don't think they were done at the right specific time for an accurate result and they came back normal oddly enough..x


No, unfortunately my hormone levels were never tested, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I meant to add that you should probably take Vitamin K2 (MK-7, menaquinone) with your Vitamin D. There's a video about it here:


I hope things improve for you soon.

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Yep.....  Mine dissapeared when i used progesterone cream......   I went for serenity cream... 


G xx


Thank you this looks good, did you have your hormone levels tested before trying the cream? x


No, but i had had a hysterectomy some years before, when i was 39.   ( due to thyroid hormone not being adequately replaced). 

Xx g


Hi , Kerrycat7 , I have had this problem myself lately. Extremely sore, I don't know if it's peri menopause or the levothyroxine or just being hypo. I have just started Evening primrose oil, a lot on this forum have had success with it. The progesterone cream what galathea mentions too sounds good

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Hi Pastille what Evening Primrose Oil do you use?

I use it already but it maybe isn't enough.

Do I need to test my hormones before using a Progesterone cream as this contains a hormone?

Thanks :)


I have only just ordered the EPO and I ordered the wrong one as it contains soya but this is not visible on the advert. So have to order another one today. If you re post you will get answers from people who swear by it. I would stick with the brands such as Solgar and Jarrow as they are well tried and tested on this forum (on Amazon). How much do you take? Some people take 3 X 1000mcg a day. The label on mine says you can take up to 6. As for the progesterone cream, yes I would get tested first, and I think you are supposed to, especially people with Thyroid issues :)   

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