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Ultrasound Results

Got my results back on my ultrasound. It sounds like it's ok, but sounds like part of my left side may be iffy. I did have a parathyroid adenoma removed from lower left side. Anyone, got any ideas?


CLINICAL HISTORY: Hyperparathyroidism. Hypothyroidism. Left parathyroid


COMPARISON: Nuclear medicine parathyroid study from 7/21/2014. 


Ultrasound demonstrates heterogeneous thyroid gland bilaterally.

Right thyroid solid nodule 7 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm.

No increased flow. Complex features. Not cystic. 

The isthmus measures 3 mm.

The left lobe demonstrates nodularity inferior pole with a small central

cyst which measures 7 x 7 x 9 mm but mostly it is the central cystic

structure that is abnormal and the contour of the lower lobe pole. 

Heterogeneous echotexture throughout consistent with thyroid fibrosis.

Nodular contour throughout.


1. Nodular fibrous thyroid gland.

2. A 1 cm solid nodule right lobe thyroid gland without color flow and

fairly benign features.

3. Lower pole nodularity left lobe thyroid gland; some central cystic

change but benign features.

4. Followup in 1 year recommended to document no increase in size.

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It sounds as though they aren't currently worried but will leave you for a year and measure everything again to see if the various nodules are growing or not. I think if you notice anything changing between now and your next ultrasound you should draw it to their attention.

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