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T3 being reviewed for inclusion on NHS prescription list


This sounds worrying 


Came via TPA 

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It appears to be a proposal to East of England CCGs.  There've been a couple of posts in the last week healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

TSH110 in reply to Clutter

Thanks Clutter. I tried a trawl for posts on it but used T3 not liothyronin so nothing came up. 

scorp1o in reply to Clutter

Admin@newvictheatre.org.uk went do you think it's a proposal to EofE? I dint see that and we have our in Staffs also.

This is scary stuff - I'm only prescribed liothyronine.  I can foresee the day it will be too expensive to be prescribed on the NHS.  Is this document relating to only one area, at the moment?   Uggghhhh

im the same. very worried...


Yes it does sound worrying. Especially when lots of our members are asking for the addition of T3 which helps them improve. The BTA guidelines should be changed as they state wrongly that T3 doesn't have much of a benefit (or words to that effect). 

It will be down to cost and not patients' improvements. Also by not allowing cheaper T3's to be available more easily the cost of MP T3 is astronomical - the cost be should be thoroughly investigated.

Sounds to me as though we should pre-empt this nonsense from spreading by starting a petition or something... I rely on my T3 to live anything near a normal life as opposed to merely existing in a world of brain fog and deteriorating physical health - their smug assertion that T4 should be prescribed as a suitable alternative med of choice should be stamped on right now. Surely there are enough of us now taking T3 to provide these idiots with the evidence needed to make sure it remains available. I'm due to see a new endo in May, my old one who prescribed me the T3 having retired, and I am dreading the fact that he will probably withdraw it from me and condemn me to life on T4 only! He will be told in no uncertain terms that I refuse to accept his treatment which will be in direct contravention of his Hippocratic Oath to '...utterly reject harm and mischief...' and have that objection recorded on my records. Thankfully I have a brother who lives in Greece and I will be getting my T3 from there and I shall just have to join the increasingly large league of self-medicators.

i am amazed in these posts -that so many folks are getting t3  and are worried over it being available on the NHS---how would so many of us be able to finally get t3 without it coming from nhs--my doc's many i have tried two endos none of them would prescribe for me & one even said i wasn't even hypothyroid but doc's argue with him--sort of- it's all nuts, one endo said you are not hypo thyroid you just have something interfering with your ACTH--but never went further and never treated it, whatever the heck it is--and discharged me... i think i should be glad if i can get t3 yes? /no?

and is it only gonna be avail in england??i'm in wales

@ sky1hypothyroid I don't think it has been decided yet so fingers crossed it does not come off the list. 

I'm in Mid-Wales, although my endo who presribed the T3 for me is over the border in England. I get my T3 through the pharmacy at the GPs surgery, so it is prescribed in Powys.

north Wales here---- endo's wont @ bangor and glan c--- no gp's will prescribe it either.. so no option for me --cept if it goes on NHS then maybe they will have 2 give it..

wait a sec--you say you get it at gp's pharmacy --i thought one could only get from a gp's pharm if it's on the NHS lists of approved meds etc.. would you please explain-- diolch / thanks

Since having prescribed in 2010 by my endo in Shropshire, I have had it supplied by my GPs surgery in Powys. It is on the list of approved meds, it's listed in the BNF and can therefore be prescribed. Whenever I request a repeat prescription it is signed off by one of the GPs in the practice.

what about those of us that t4 didnt work and was allergic to it. had most of the side effects! thats why i was put on t3 as NDT is not an nhs option.

I've just woken at 3.45am & have read the replies since mine. I've recently signed a fair few online petitions (caged hens, D. Trump etc) and new ones are now automatically coming into my inbox.  I really do think an online petition should be started.  Where do we gather up every single person taking T3 in the UK?  IF we got over 100,000 signatures, the petition has to be discussed by MP's (I think - brain fog!)   I don't think I could manage to put our case forward adequately;  anyone willing?  It could be a few together.  Yesterday I watched the video of the Scottish petition meeting in mid Feb.  What a dragged out palava - 3+ years of lies by the medic(s).   So - we need the wording for a government petition.   

In addition to those who ARE prescribed it, signatures from those who SHOULD be prescribed it, or who purchase overseas, those who have been actually refused it by GP when a therapeutic trials should have been offered (but God knows, that might result in ongoing treatment).

Half the problem is the cost TO the NHS and thus the fault of the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, the poor patients/sufferers are at the sharp end.

What I don't understand is why t3 is acceptable in some places in Europe and it seems ok for Greeks to take it with no ill effects why shouldn't it suit us were all different nationalities not different species !!! What does pharma do with all this different thyroid medication ? They keep making it so it must be ok !! They probably send it to Europe and Turkey sell it there and have the packaging changed yet they want to charge us a bloody fortune for it ! This medication is rubbished due to price but if it became cheaper than thyroxin it would be ok !!!! There is more to this than there letting on because if levothyroxine is allegedly the only drug for hypothyroidism why aren't they charging a fortune for it ' I would " there so full of shit it amazes me how even doctors swallow this crap although some know it's not great there to frightened to speak up !!! I would be amazed one day if someone actually grew a pair and stood up to these pharma criminals there not stealing your money there taking your life !!! It one big lie that stinks of CORRUPTION and where there's trillions of pounds to be made them to words go hand in hand . This subject very taboo and always has been since levothyroxine was pushed through very quickly I might add !!! These are the worst drug dealers of all,one day it will all come out do hope I'm around too see it !!! Definitely thyroid madness they should change it to thyroid CORRUPTION...

TSH110 in reply to jackiehyland

I think they sell so much levothyroxine that they can still maximise profits from it by economies of scale. I wonder how it is in the US where NDT is more accepted. Not sure about T3 there. Certainly the situation is better in Europe. The Greeks are the founders of modern medicine and in my limited experience very good practitioners.

jackiehyland in reply to TSH110

I have just contacted rip off britain about pharma selling T3 at over inflated prices yet 2 euros in greece it would be great if they aired it so everyone contact them they might televise it .

TSH110 in reply to jackiehyland

It did come up on a Dr Michael Mosley prog but more that ir was expensive rather than it was grossly inflated in price compared to Europe. Something needs to be done about it for sure ☘️

Marz in reply to jackiehyland

Great idea - I believe Gloria Hunniford is Hypo. T3 is 1.15 here in Crete ..... 😊

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