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Hi All,

Has anyone got any advise on hair thinning.  I have under active thyroid and still slowly upping my meds.   My hair has gone from healthy bouncy shiny beautiful looking hair to drab, dead awful looking which has a effect on my face etc.  It's making me feel really down has anyone out there got any advice or stories with a hopeful ending???

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Hi sos1965, just to tell you of my own experience, I too had thick glossy hair that started to shed when I was on 50mcg levo to 75mcg. I was mortified! It's 'almost' back to how it was now. (well getting there) When I reached 100mcg it stopped falling out. I have tried alsorts of products but I am convinced it's the levo increase which made it stop. So I think the levo made it start to shed, but I think it made it stop as well??? I know! Confusing! but I guess it's just about getting the balance right. I sympathise, it's very upsetting. I hope it gets better for you with the increase in thyroid hormone and I'm sure it will improve as you recover


The above link will take you to previous posts and discussions bout hairloss ..... hopefully you will find some answers there.


checking that you are getting enough iron, B-complex & omega-3 in your diet might help.


See this important post about iron from Izabella Wentz: 

I lost a lot of hair by the time I got my hypo/Hashis diagnosis. Most notably in the front at my part line. And I recall just what you're describing - it was like my hair was just dead.  In addition to taking Naturethroid, I am supplementing with iron and vitamin C (important for absorbtion).  

I think there are many nutritional supplements that can help you and it's important to have those tested (I'll leave it to the more experienced posters to speak to that). But I will say that after 6 months or so, I could see hair regrowth, and now that it's been about a year I'm nearly back to "normal." My new normal anyway! It was almost like a switch flipped and one day I thought, my old hair is back. Yay.

Hang in there, and best wishes. Commit yourself to the self-care and you can absolutely tackle this!


I've had hair loss for a while now but luckily not in clumps and I have fine strands but lots of it if that makes sense. I am taking NDT and at first it was coming out more. As I have slowly increased the dose it's slowing down. My skin and hair are slowly starting to look healthier again. My hair was like a birds nest! Hopefully when you get to the optimal dose it will stop. I also have a super sensitive scalp, skin and particular shampoos make my hair loss worse. 


Hi I had lost a patch of hair 3" x 3.5" at one side at the back. I went to docs and had bloods and diagnosed hypothyroidism.  I was losing hair generally all over my head and counted 180 lost each time I washed it. 7 months later I'm much better and patch is a lot smaller and growing a lot more hair there. Only lose around 40 each wash now and it's got shinier. I supplemented iron as low ferritin, vitamin D, B12, selenium, biotin, vitamin C. I learned from hypothyroid mom website and this forum. I think getting on right dose of levothyroxine helped too.  Hang on in there, things will get better. Need a lot of patience with this diagnosis. 


...not trying to be sarcastic or humourous  here, but I wonder what it is that keeps cats and dogs going, when they do an annual 'shed' then ' regrowth' it can't surely just be the temperature changes? 

From what I started reading about hair loss and dry skin, it initially came down to the blood cells - remembering that the skin is the largest organ in/on  body, we should also remember that skin absorbs what we put on it and enters the organ,again needing cleansing by the liver and blood stream etc etc. 

Just read the ingredients that go into your hair shampoos,,skin lotions etc..all to absorbed, because the skin &  scalp are wetted first by water, then we rub all those ingredients into our bodies. Often leaving it there for several minutes. 

For hair,bleaches and  olourants must be 2 of the most toxic things we can sit there for ages waiting for the mixture to be altered and change our hair structure!

Stress, poor diet and hormonal changes can all contribute to hair loss. 

Briefly according g to my R D Vitamins and Minerals book, the following supplement some or all recommendations  to promote health and growths for hair are:-

Fish Oils- rich in fatty acids, without them hair is often dry and lifeless, Omega 3  if you take anticoagulants consult your doctor first. veggies can substitute 1 tbsp flaxseed oil. 

Evening Primrose Oil (which I took when going through menopause) 

Zinc -  boosts Thyroid Function  (needs to be taken with Copper  the 2 must be in balance with each other to maintain a proper all mineral balance in the body) 

Biotin - can combat excessive oiliness and flaking, take with Vit B complex. (Advice says "take with VitB Complex with 50mcg B12 and biotin, 40mcg folic acid and 50mg all other B vitamins. 

PABA [ para-amino benzoic acid] protects hair follicles and is THOUGHT to prevent hair loss! Selenium is also likely to encourage healthy hair loss. 

NB:- some VitB dosages may already be in other supplements you are taking.

I am NOT medically qualified, just quoting from the Readers  Digest book VitD, Minerals & Supplements, whose 3 Chief UK,contributors were Dr Alan Lakin a Senior Lecturer on Food chemistry, Dr Ann Walker a senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition - both at Reading University, and a Dr John Cormack senior partner in a GP Practice in,Essex.  

It also recommends only mild shampoo is used,,head be given a good massage to improve blood flow there to skin and scalp. Also recommends towel drying, not heated rollers (?old fashioned now) nit hair dryers or curling tongs. 

Some of the information may seem somewhat outdated now, I don't know but I was in my 20-30's living in the age of curly perms and yes of course coloured it frequently, every 6 weeks! Are curly perms coming back into fashion?  Thought I saw a few on TV recently. I even wonder now what  is in the inks that go into tattooing,  not that I've had one, but it's more chemicals being pushed by needles into the skin! 

I know a 75 years old ladŷ here who has a lovely thick head of hair which she colours frequently, but then she also doesn't have any thyroid or autoimmune conditions.

Just a bit more food for thought, on what goes in must come out somewhere. What do we do or take that we don't give our cats and dogs! 

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