Benefits (or not) of Inulin

I was watching a programme on BBC 1 last night called 'How to Stay Young' during which Angela Rippon was singing the praises of a substance called Inulin, primarily for its busting action on internal fat (around organs such as the heart and liver). Reading up on it a little further this morning I found that its main action involves slowing digestion and providing bulking fibre. Has anyone else tried this and does it work, or should we avoid it as our metabolic rates have been slowed down enough by being hypo?

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  • I've been clicking round trying to find out more about this too. An ultrasound done when menopause/low thyroid hit hard showed I have a fatty liver after a lifetime (58 now) of ridiculously healthy eating (low to no sugar, low carbs, good protein, good fats etc etc). Jury seems out on value of inulin. I too would love to hear from someone in the know. 

  • I did find quite a useful link here which explains the pros and cons in an easy-to-understand format. I think, as with any other supplements, you really need to be aware of what is going on in your own body before using something like this and if/when you do, you build the dosage up gradually from the lowest up.

  • inulin is a prebiotic, which helps your gut grow healthy bacteria..or so i was told and am using it for rebuilding my bacteria, along with probiotics.  i never heard of this.  My digestion is too slow as is.

  • Inulin is the main excipient in the WP Thyroid desiccated thyroid product from RLC.

    Details here:

  • for fibre why not just eat more fibrous foods and/;or take fibre sujpplements. and you can chew and eat your food slower. the french eat quite an unhealthy diet with a lot of fat and drink but because they take ages to eat one meal they dont suffer for it.

  • Inulin is a prebiotic, not a biotic. And you find it in chicory and other plants which you can make sure you eat. I eat chicory at least three times a week in a salad. The sensible way is to have the prebiotic with the biotic, so I eat the salad and take my biotics at the same time, the inulin then feeds the biotic so it grows more and helps more quicker.

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