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hi again. i just got results back from B 12 retesting and results were 441 which is shocking to me as initial test done 2 weeks prior was this possible. i had taken 2 days of B12 1000 and B complex before second test. i cant retest again as i am self medicating B12 50000 for two weeks now.I am waiting to see endocrinologist about low thyroid,do symptoms overlap with thyroid and b12 defeciency. any thoughts?.linda

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The Pernicious Anaemia site recommend 1000 as a good level. You were clearly v short, but you are absorbing, that doesn't always mean that you can use it at cell level. But see if you feel better if you get it higher. 

Yes, there are a lot of symptom overlaps. But then, there are massive overlaps between the two conditions and also other gut disorders like celiac which also characteristically has B12 deficiency at diagnosis. Other than the auto antibodies, there are few symptoms and signs which are only seen in hypo. 

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Once you begin to supplement blood test results are effected. The amount showing in your blood doesn't show what is actually reaching your cells. If you begin to feel better then you will know it is working.

B12 deficiency is very common alongside thyroid issues. Hopefully your endocrinologist will be aware of this.

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