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Chromuim for help with pcos

Hi has anyone taken this supplement? Ive been diagnosed with pcos since 2008 and ive struggled with infertility for sometime now i did manage too fall pregnant twice in the 8 years ive been trying im blessed too have one little one sadly i lost my second one. 

I also have hypothyroidism was diagnosed six months after my little one was born and since that point ive really struggled with everything i want too lose weight but its almost impossible ive lost a few pound but no more. Ive read the above supplement can really help pcos ladies does anyone have any advice 

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I take this to help with insulin resistance..... simplysupplements.net/produ...

Xx g 


Hi, I take Dr.Myhills multi mineral mix as part of my daily regime for CFS/ME including hypothyroidism. I have seen some improvement since starting but don't think it has been one single supplement but a combination of several. Her website has some good information on there including a bit about infertility. Good luck Jax💕



Supplements are important but it sounds like you may need some professional advice but not from a regular GP or Gyne.

 Check out Dr Phil Doyle he has a clinic in Dublin he uses mostly natural treatments to sort infertility problems and had great success with couples who have tried several IVF cycles. Initial consultation is around 240 euros you the chart your cycles along with other information and bloods which you can have done at your own surgery. If you call them they can give you more information he's a very nice friendly compassionate well qualified doctor something that is quite hard to find.  He has also seen great results using LDN ( Low Dose Naltrexone) throughout pregnancy which has helped to prevent miscarriage.



Hope this is of some help to you. 



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