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Hi everyone finally got to see my endocrinologist she said something about inflammation of thyroid and calcium deposits,I still have the problem with swallowing saliva been 3 month now, really starting to get me down, I read some where yesterday that calcium can block salivary glands, could this be connected and why hasn't it been picked up before now instead of me suffering, I'm seeing ent tomorrow finally, anyone been through this and what can I expect tia x

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When my saliva glands were blocked with calcium deposits I was unable to make saliva and couldn't chew and swallow food.  My GP advised gargling with lemon juice in water before meals to stimulate saliva so I could make enough to chew and swallow my food.  The gargling probably cleared the blockage as the problem resolved within a couple of weeks.

 Calcium deposits in a thyroid nodule won't affect saliva glands.  It was an enlarged thyroid nodule which made swallowing and breathing difficult for me.  For some reason swallowing saliva could make me choke whereas it was easier to swallow food and drinks.  Sipping water frequently, even though not thirsty, helped immeasurably.


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