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I am looking for as much advice as possible. Ive read a lot of the information on the website but i will be honest some of it is over my head.

Since my early 20s i have suffered from absolute exhaustion. But then i just put it down to burning the candles at both ends. And then i put it down to being a mum.

The last time i went to GP and had bloods taken was 2012 but i just took the receptionist reply as the results were normal and left it as that.

Now my exhaustion has got worse. I wake up exhausted, i could sleep for hours if i could. I have a lot of the other symptoms in the checklist but the 1 that i struggle with the most is the sheer exhaustion it is now affecting my everday life to the point when im on my days off i dont want to see or speak to any one or do anything as i am so tired.

I explained all my symptoms to GP and i got my bloods taken. I know 1 was for thyroid but i was not privvy to the other tests.

I called today but surprise ive been told the results are "normal".

I am not leaving it this time and have made another appointment to discuss my results in depth.

Can someone advise me what am i looking for and what am i asking my GP.

Thanks in advance.

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Ask your GP reception for a print out of your blood test results that includes the laboratory ranges and ask them if you can register online for patient access to blood test results. Then post them here so we can help you understand them before your appointment so you'lll be able to discuss more knowledgeably.

When you see your GP ask for tests for the following vitamins, vitamin D, B12, folate, ferritin. Also ask whether thyroid antibodies have been tested, namely TPO and TgAb and if not then ask for them to be done.

If GP says they are irrelevant, then persist because you need to know whether you have thyroid autoimmune disease as there are things you can do to help your condition once you know. People with one autoimmune disease can be more likely to have other coexisting autoimmune conditions or develop them later so it would be very useful to know.

As you have been so tired, it's possible you have low vitamin levels which could be a result of poor nutrient absorption which is common with autoimmune thyroid disease. I

HappyH81 in reply to Nanaedake

Hi thank you for replying.

Is that something i can do? Asking the receptionist to print it out?

I know there is something not right with me and after reading all the information on this site its clear there is such a hassle to get a diagnosis.

I will phone them tomorrow.

Nanaedake in reply to HappyH81

You are entitled to a copy of your results for free if you live in England. If you live elsewhere, just ask and hopefully they will give you a copy.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Nanaedake

Not just England - anywhere in the UK. And I'd hazard a guess that the GDPR as implemented in any EU country would probably mean the same result! :-)

Thank you,

Hopefully they wont be antsy about it. I am in Scotland but with the GDPR guidelines they should be willing to print them out for me.

So glad i have came across this site, i have just always rolled over and took "normal" as gospel even though i know something is not right and getting worse.


See my reply to post above yours.

Find out what was tested and post results and ranges on here for advice

You likely need full Thyroid and vitamin testing privately

The advice you have been given here to always get a print out of your results is one of the most important pieces of advice I was given when I first came to this forum. For 20+ years I too had always accepted 'normal' as gospel, which resulted in me becoming very unwell indeed for a number of years. I requested printouts of many back-dated results and with the help of this forum found it easy to identify the problem. With the advice and knowledge I gained here I was able to 'fight my corner' and find my way to extremely good health. Here's hoping things soon are improving for you too.

I have my blood results just trying to put them up to show you all.

Can someone tell me how i can put the pictures up?

helvellaAdministrator in reply to HappyH81

There can be only one image attached to a single thread. The only things you can do are:

Merge the images and replace the one at the top of this thread;

Type out your further results;

Start a new post with the other image.

Hi every one. So my results are:

Only tested for TSH and that is 1.73,

There is a test for C-Reactiv Prot. <5 mg/L

Vit B12 309

Serum Folate 3.8

And a few other tests that i do not know what they are for.

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